Rugby: The Main Sport of My Life

Giorgi DolidzeCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

As I wrote in my last article I think the rugby community needed to change its directions in writing some of the articles. Of course, it isn’t up to me to decide, but I think I can at least throw in the idea and if other members of the community think I’m right, they can do something similar. So I would love to right the role of rugby in my life.


I come from Georgia. It is a country in Europe south to Russia. My country had always had problems with neighbours. There was a war in about every 10 years, so Georgians were always physically strong.

In 19th century, the strong physique started evolving in sport. Georgians were great at wrestling, swimming, rugby (Georgians had their similar game to rugby called LELO) and other sports.


What I’m trying to say is that sport plays a big role in life of Georgians. I was still very small when I started playing sports. I’m 15 years old and I have already been busy with skiing, swimming, boxing, karate, baseball, volleyball, basketball and rugby.


But rugby is the one which I enjoy doing the most. I play rugby for already two years now and every time enter rugby pitch I have the same intensity. Every time I see a rugby ball, I smile.


First time I played rugby, I was in Zambia. I was 11 that time and didn’t really realize what a great game I was playing. That time I visited the Republic of South Africa.


And what is so disappointing I didn’t even buy a SA rugby T shirt, not even a cap!!!

Tears come to my eyes when I think that I visited one of the greatest rugby nations and didn’t buy anything.


Than when I returned from Zambia (after two years) I saw that everybody around me was crazy about this sport in Georgia (it’s a period when Georgia played on its second world cup in 2007). So I got the rugby illness to. I wanted to play rugby myself but at first my mother didn’t want me to do it.


She said that rugby was a very dangerous sport and she wouldn’t let me get hurt.But than after a month of begging, she agreed. I started playing in a non popular team (we have made it popular by today) with some of my friends.


From that day everything changed (I even remember the day of my first training it was 1 October 2007). I am a very good student as well. I study a lot at home and haven’t got much time to be busy with sports, but I try to spend as much of spare time on working out as I can.


I work out three times a day. In the morning at home, in the afternoon with the team, and at night at home. My parents say that it is not normal but as far as I get high marks at school, I can do whatever I want.


I start and end my day, thinking about the greatest sport in the world. When I’m stressed I imagine rugby and I relax. So when I’m playing rugby, I just depart from earth and become a whole new man.


Some people around me think it’s good, some think it’s bad. But the one thing I know is that rugby stadium is like a heaven for me even though it hurts when you fall down on it, my team mates and other players are like my brothers even though they often hurt me with strong tackles and that rugby ball is like the whole earth sometimes even though it’s so small.


Hope you enjoyed reading the article. And I hope to see other stories about your history with this game.