WWE Ranks 15 Best World Champions: Why They Got It Wrong in so Many Ways

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2012


Someone in WWE is either randomly making lists or just mixing up the names of superstars and then calling them a ranking.

The most recent list on WWE.com features the 15 best world champions since the world title was brought into play 10 years ago when it was awarded to Triple H.

Most of, if not all, the names on the list deserve recognition, but the order of the rankings and the glaring omissions are huge.

Here is how WWE ranked their top 15 world champions:

15. Goldberg
14. Daniel Bryan
13. Randy Orton
12. Kane
11. CM Punk
10. Chris Jericho
9. John Cena
8. Mark Henry
7. Rey Mysterio
6. Sheamus
5. Booker T
4. The Undertaker
3. Edge
2. Batista
1. Triple H

First off, who makes a top-15 list to celebrate 10 years of something? Shouldn't it be a top-10 list?

Secondly, am I surprised to see Triple H at the top of the list? I would be more surprised if he wasn't, but that is not the problem I have with this list.

In the history of the title, there have only been a total of 24 world champions. So which nine did WWE leave off the list?

Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Dolph Ziggler, Khali, Chris Benoit, Jack Swagger, Christian, Big Show and Shawn Michaels.

Let me get this out of the way now: WWE will never list Chris Benoit in one of these rankings, so we may as well just accept that and move on.

There are a few people left off of the list who certainly deserve to be mentioned, despite not being with the company or working for other promotions at the moment.

Here are a few reasons why this list is not the site's best.

Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are definitely worthy of being included, no matter who they work for. Without them, the list might as well be renamed "The 15 Best World Champions Vince McMahon Is Willing to Let Us List."

Here is what I find most shocking of all: Shawn Michaels was left off of the list. How could one of the best performers of all time be left off of the list?

Having only one reign as champion did not keep Mark Henry, Booker T, Kane or Daniel Bryan off of the list, so why should it keep Michaels off?

Another shocking fact about this list is that Randy Orton is so far down at No. 13, being beaten out by Mark Henry and Kane.

Nothing against Henry and Kane, I am actually fans of both, but there is no denying that Orton was a great champion during his three reigns with the belt.

It is also shocking to see Goldberg on the list, even at No. 15, when Christian was not listed at all and is still wrestling for the company.

Ziggler and Big Show being left off is not a surprise as both of them had single-day reigns. Khali being left off will surprise no one.

My last gripe with this list is where Chris Jericho is listed. No.10 is far too low on the list for one of the best in-ring performers of all time.

When it comes down to it, this list looks like it was thrown together without much consideration for who actually deserves to be listed.

The real people in charge of deciding who the greatest world champions are should be the fans. With that said, please take a moment and list your top 15 world champions of the last decade.