What Would Be the Best Case Scenario for The Rock ?

anonymous guyCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

All the way until now, I always thought The Rock to be a sell-out because of him leaving the place that produced his skills to the world.

I thought he was a sell-out because of when Austin left the WWE for no absolute reason, he came out a made this huge speech about never leaving his home (WWE).

I also thought Rocky to be a sell-out because as soon as he got to Hollywood, he put all of us fans on the back-burner. I thought the Rock was a sell-out because he completely dropped the name "Rock" and just became Dwayne Johnson.

Now that I think about it, The Rock is still a sell-out to me and to the millions and millions of "The Rock's Fans", not Dwayne Johnson's fans.

He knows a good as anybody else knows that we would all love to see a proper send-off match between him and either of the following:

1. Triple H (The Hollywood Version of the Rock)

2. The Undertaker (Face vs. Face)

3. Randy Orton (with Legacy included)

4. Chris Jericho (Y2J Version, not the new pansy character that he's working on)

5. John Cena (An all-new heel version of Cena)

6. Edge (The extreme Version of Edge that faced Taker in the Hell in a Cell Match in 2008)

7. MVP (Being the U.S. Champ and doing his old I'm better than you style of promos.)

(I choose the last four because of the storyline that could be built up to that match.)

Could you imagine, The Rock vs. Y2J at Summerslam or Wrestlemania? Just the promos and mic action that could go into building this one up.

After Jericho loses to Austin at Wrestlemania 25, he could slowly be turning back into his former self.
Yet, he will still be a heel. During next year's build up to Wrestlemania 26, Jericho could be one of the final four left in the Rumble, and all of a sudden, a man that is masked comes in the ring through the crowd and eliminate Jericho.

On the next night of Raw, Jericho will call out the man and they will fight it out. The man hits a familiar spine buster and positions himself to pander to the crowd.

The man slowly reveals himself to be the Great One and hits a People's Elbow. They then just build up they're match all the way until Wrestlemania 26 with promos and sneak attacks.

Or The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania? From their lyrical confrontation at the Hall of Fame Ceremony and the interviews that Cena has said about Mr. Johnson could be hyped up to perfection.
Have Cena to be the last man eliminated from the Rumble. On the next night of Raw, he tags with the winner to take on two heels. (Of course the winner has to be a face.) When the face superstar is about to hit their finisher, have Cena to turn on him and destroy him by injuring the man.

The next show Cena declares himself as the biggest star in the company's history. Instead of him having his usual childish promos, he would be a lot more blunt and edgier. He then belittles all of the former stars of the brand:

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. The Undertaker
3. Shawn Michaels

4. The Rock

After saying the Rock's name, he would go on and cut one of the best heel promos on him in history. He then challenges the Royal Rumble winner for his Wrestlemania spot at No Way Out in a Street Fight. (By the way the match would have to take place in Miami Florida.)

At the PPV, Mr. Heel Cena would almost win until the Rock's theme hits and he is distracted. Rocky never comes out, but Cena loses the match.

Cena cuts a huge heel promo right after the match ends and just as he's leaving, he turns around to the crowd to flip them off. As soon as he tries to go to the back, a is hit hard with a steel chair. Out of the shadows comes the Rock.

He pauses to soak in all of the cheers and does his little "finally..." speech. He then looks at the downed John Cena and challenges him to a match at the big one.

They then just build up their match all the way until Wrestlemania 26 with promos and sneak attacks. Hell they could even use the WWE Mobile Alerts to help out, the Dirt Sheet, the WWE.com exclusives, and even the mainstream media.

(Could you imagine driving home at night and seeing a huge and bright billboard showing The Rock's face and Cena's face staring at each other as if it was a huge boxing match?!?)

Or Edge vs. The Rock at Survivor Series or Summerslam? Edge of course is still the champ and Vickie is still in charge of GM duties. Edge cuts a long and good promo saying that if it wasn't for him and Vickie, there would be no Smackdown.

Edge then gets challenged by Jeff Hardy to a Survivor Series bout for the title. Edge accepts and the rules are the final man left on the Hardy's side will win the title if they can beat Team Edge.

Of course, Team Edge wins it all and they all parade around Smackdown destroying everyone in sight; of course the Deadman would either be on Raw or in another storyline.

Edge claims to not have anyone worthy to even lace up his boots and all of a sudden Hardy calls out Edge into a lumberjack match for the title.

The stipluation would be if Hardy loses, he will never get another shot at the WWE title or World Heavyweight Title (which ever title is on the show).

Edge accepts and adds a Special guest referee (Of course the referee is either Vickie, Big Show, or Chavo Guerrero).

During the match a huge fight breaks out on the outside. Chavo, Matt Hardy, and Kozlov could be jumping Hardy in the ring and Edge could be setting up for the Spear, but The Rock could come running out with his theme playing behind him, and he can slide in, take out all the men and punk Vickie into giving him the referee shirt.

He puts it on and hits Edge with the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow. Hardy can then hit the Swanton Bomb. The Rock makes the count and Hardy is the new WWE champion.

Also in this story Vince gets involved and fires Vickie, makes a match for Edge and The Rock at a PPV and names Shane' O Mac as the new GM. The Rock returns to Smackdown to take back his show!

Or MVP vs. The Rock at Summerslam or Royal Rumble? The build up and promos for both guy could have us forgetting that the WWE is now a PG-Rated show! Check out Ray Borgusz's Smackdown write-ups for a developing story on that one.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for reading this perspective of what I think should happen. Please comment and let me know what you all think.


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