Kansas City Chiefs: It Is Time to Produce a Winner

Rodney LayContributor IIISeptember 7, 2012

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 18:  Head coach Romeo Crennel of the Kansas City Chiefs watches from the sidelines during the game against the Green Bay Packers on December 18, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I have argued for years that the Chiefs need to rebuild this team. Not by signing free agents, as this team has done throughout its history, but by drafting young, talented players and creating a winner from scratch.

The Chiefs have had some major busts in the draft. Remember Todd Blackledge? They could have had Dan Marino. That is hard to look back on. But you can't walk away from what works because you experience failure!

The Chiefs did a pretty good job of drafting a new team in the very late 80s and the early 90s, and they made a long run at ultimate success during the Marty era. But too much of that time frame relied on free agency, instead of the draft.

There were some bad draft picks during the Marty era, but a few were absolutely incredible. Derrick Thomas is the greatest draft pick in Chiefs history. However, the Marty era ended.

In 2008, the Chiefs finally started the process of really rebuilding this team through the draft. I will always give Herm Edwards a lot of credit for having the guts to start a process that is out of favor in the “Do It Now” NFL. Herm began a process that has continued for four years now. Using the draft to rebuild.

Yeah, I know, most people think that Herm Edwards failed as the head coach of the Chiefs. Herm began to rebuild this team and was not given the chance to finish the process.

As much as I like Romeo Crennel, and I do like Romeo, Herm Edwards would have been a great head coach for the Chiefs had their short minds been able to find patience.

But this is the NFL in the new millennium and we are two head coaches past Edwards, yeah, three head coaches in four years.

I am absolutely sure that Hank Stram would be voted as the greatest head coach of the Chiefs, but I am also absolutely sure that he would not have survived in the do it now or do it somewhere else mentality of today’s NFL. But that is another article.

So, back to the purpose of this article! Plain and simple. The Chiefs have rebuilt this team, and they have done it the right way. They have drafted very well, and picked up a few free agents that are a good fit.

It is time to win!

I am willing to give the team a pass for last year, taking into account the dysfunctional relationship the head coach had with management, the strike and lockout before the season started and the devastating injuries to key players, but all of that is now past history.

By all accounts, the team and management have a good relationship with head coach Romeo Crennel. I see Crennel as a very smart football mind and a good leader. I believe that a lot of people in Kansas City and elsewhere would agree with that assessment.

There have been some injury problems during this preseason, but the team is in good shape going into the first game of the regular season.

So, if the Chiefs have done the right thing by rebuilding the team through the draft, found a head coach that management and the players respect and believe in and added some players in free agency that are a good fit, what should we expect from the team this year, and next year?

This team should win. They need to make the playoffs this year. They should win their division, and they should make it deep into the playoffs. Should they go to the AFC championship game?

In my opinion they should at least make the divisional round of the playoffs. AFC championship? That could come next year and I would say the rebuild of the team is a success.

I have excused the team's lack of success in the past because the management of the team has not done what I thought that they should do. The irony of finally doing things the right way is that you finally run out of excuses.

So here we are! The ultimate fan is saying, put up or shut up.

You brought in management who did what you said should be done. You drafted well and managed to bring in a very good head coach.

It is time to win! No more excuses! Just win!

The Chiefs play the first game of the season at home this coming Sunday. I expect a win!

I will visit with you again after the game!