What Would Happen If WWE Purchased TNA?

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

Nowadays many people are stating that TNA is going downhill. Now I don't entirely feel that is true, but apparently many others do.

So we all are starting to think that weird but strange question: What would happen if WWE purchased TNA? 

Well I am going to try to answer that question at least as much as possible.


1) WWE will no longer have TELEVISED competition.

Without TNA, WWE will no longer have competition and be the stand alone large company in America. I emphasized televised because some would likely argue otherwise ROH is WWE competition. True, they kind of are, but without T.V. time, they aren't much of a threat.


2) WWE vs. TNA dream matches will no longer be dreams

Everyone has their own particular TNA vs. WWE dream matches. Well, if WWE did purchase TNA, we would finally be able to see some of these matches. Classics like Styles vs. Mysterio or The Motor City Machineguns vs. Miz and Morrison would finally be put in a WWE ring. This likely what many feel would be the most positive aspect.

In the near future, Wrestling Uncovered may do an episode on this subject, for those interested in viewing our talk show, follow this link:

3) Fewer gimmick matches

There is no doubt in my mind that if WWE purchased TNA we would lose most of the gimmick matches that TNA has. The Ultimate X match, which is a beloved favorite of many TNA fans, would likely never be had again due to the sheer dangerousness of the match.

The Lethal Lockdown cage match would be scrapped in its entirety because it would closely resemble the "Extreme Elimination Chamber" match to WWE fans whom have never seen one.


4) No more Impact Zone

The Impact Zone, TNA's stadium, would cease to exist. TNA has begun to tour a little but not nearly as much as WWE, which airs from a different stadium each week. Vince  would probably move Impact around as much as he does Smackdown or Raw.


5) Impact would become similar to Smackdown

Actually I take that back Impact would probably become what ECW would be like with a 2 hour time slot. The six sided ring would probably be scrapped for the standard 4 corner style.


6) Goodbye to a fair few TNA wrestlers

There is no doubt in my mind that if WWE purchased TNA, most of the wrestlers that are in TNA would leave or be fired.

Sting would likely leave because he doesn't really like Vince because of what he did to WCW. Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle are mostly in TNA because they couldn't handle the WWE schedule of constantly moving around.

As of now TNA lacks a drug policy which in case there are probably at least a few wrestlers there addicted to something. Who knows who it is? I'm not going to make accusations, but these wrestlers probably wouldn't last a month.


7) No more fast-paced matches

We know WWE quite well. It focuses on the entertainment aspect of Wrestling. I admit TNA has downplayed this recently but it is picking up again slowly.

If WWE purchases TNA we can put it down to nothing because most matches would become brawling, like we have to put up with already.


8) Impact will have a PG rating

This thought scares me so much I don't even want to get it to it that much.....I mean GOD that is scary........:(


9) Another Invasion Storyline

Remember the WCW Invasion story? Would you like to sit through that again only with TNA wrestlers? No? I didn't think so.

There is a really high chance that Vince or the creative department would shoot this idea out again just to introduce the TNA wrestlers to WWE fans. I admit watching it one time around was pretty fun, but I don't think I could sit through it again.

10) No more X-division title

The X-division title is too division specific. Have you seen what has happened to just about every division specific title WWE has had except for the woman's titles? The title would probably be retired in less than two years, in favor of a more universal second tier title.


11) No more Knockouts

I know the Knockouts are pretty damn hot and I think a lot of people may disagree with me on this, but the Knockouts of TNA aren't anywhere near WWE's standards.

Sure they are great wrestlers, but they aren't what WWE considers woman wrestlers should look like.

Well I've covered what I think likely to happen if WWE purchases TNA. Its given just by rule of thumb TNA would get better ratings so I decided not to cover that.

I really hope that WWE never purchases TNA because then we would lose what makes TNA unique. I think the best way to avoid this is Jeff Jarrett getting up the money to become majority shareholder.

As long as Dixie Carter has control of all the stock she does it is a possibility that WWE could purchase TNA.