Juan Pablo Montoya Had a Great Run in Las Vegas; Clint Bowyer Didn't Like It

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IMarch 2, 2009

Clint Bowyer's quote after the Las Vegas race:

"Yeah, you know it was a wild day. We went a lap down, got that back. I think (Juan Pablo) Montoya run into me, knocked the right rear end and we got that fixed and got back up there."

Whoa there, cowboy! That dog and pony story may fly in Kansas, you know the land of Dorothy and uncle Henry and the dog Toto and that yellow brick road story.

Here in this real world, cowboy, there ain't no one believing you didn't turn up to wreck Juan Pablo Montoya.

Straw man from Kansas! there a new machine called a DVR, you know? It's a great thing, cowboy! You can replay the wreck over and over again at various speeds and you can see what happened. Oh! you say don't have one? Call your local Kansas cable company or follow the yellow brick road, they got them for free.

After about a million replays at various speeds, I can only come to one conclusion , Clint Bowyer had a "Dale Earnhardt Jr. Daytona type angry moment."

He saw Montoya passing him in the outside WITH PLENTY OF ROOM and Boyer turned his car a mile towards Juan Pablo Montoya and put him on the wall. It's that simple.

If anyone saw anything else, all I can tell you is to get new glasses.

NASCAR will do the same thing they did with Earnhardt Jr. a couple of weeks ago and Gilliland last year and Montoya when he wrecked Kyle Busch. If you're a NASCAR fan, you know what I'm talking about; they will do NOTHING of any consequence.

There is nothing wrong with rubbing some paint and a little bumper bumping, that's  all fine, but if you make that sharp turn to the right or left into another car, you better have a flat tire, that would be your only excuse to make that move.

The unfortunate thing is that NASCAR will only put a stop to the practice of using a 3,000 pound car going 180 miles per hour as a "RETALIATION WEAPON" when  someone gets seriously hurt. Then everyone will be going around doing damage control and implementing new rules.

Please understand, I'm a race fan and I understand all the rubbing is racing attitude, but I still think that wrecking someone on purpose on a track full of cars is very poor judgment, too many drivers can get hurt. Agree?  

I know there was something going on between the Juan Pablo Montoya and the Clint Bowyer camp going back to last year. I'm not sure what it was, but it obviously translated to his new team.   

I hope this latest episode was the equalizer and all is done, and they can both just race and give a good show.

One more question: Where was the yellow flag after that wreck? Oh I see, The Wicked Witch of the West took it.