WWE News: AJ and Booker T's Jobs Potentially in Danger

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 6, 2012

Courtesy ringsofpain.gr
Courtesy ringsofpain.gr

For those of you that are clambering to see AJ and Booker T relieved of their GM duties, your wait may finally be over.

According to WrestleZone.com:

Both AJ and Booker T having trouble in their GM roles in the storyline at the same time is said to be part of a plan according to F4Wonline.com.

The belief is eventually Vince McMahon will return on-air to fire both GM's and bring in a big name who will run both shows.

I haven't caught much of SmackDown since Booker T's reign; however, I have not enjoyed AJ as the GM of Raw. I don't quite understand why they continue to have her skip around when she is supposed to be a "person in power."

Let's face it, AJ's "crazy chick" persona really only works when she is a valet. Prior to her GM hiring, she played a great spoiler for several main-event storylines. Not only did she get CM Punk and Daniel Bryan confused, she also managed to tangle Kane in her crazy web.

In the end, both Booker T and AJ haven't been in "power" long enough to assess whether or not they are failing. Yes, they are struggling; however, they are also in roles that they have never played before. Roles that are set up to appear as if they are determining future storylines, punishments and match bookings. 

Obviously we all know they don't truly have that power, but they are supposed to appear that way. And, if they have never done anything like this prior, the WWE should allot a learning period of 4-6 months to determine their true value.

Ultimately, they both have their detractors, but they also have their fans. So hopefully, the WWE will give them some more time to settle in, rather than hastily pull the trigger and hit the reset button on their careers.