Josh Hamilton Fine After Straining His Achilles, My Introduction

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IMarch 1, 2009

How is everyone? For those in this section who don't know me, I am a writer for the Phillies, Mariners, and the CL for the Philadelphia Flyers. Im a huge Josh Hamilton fan, having talked to him before, he is truly an inspiration to me and many others. During the season I will contributing to the Texas Rangers section helping any way I can.

In a rather scary moment for any Rangers fan, Hamilton left Sunday's game in the top of the second inning after straining the tendon while pulling into third base with a triple in the bottom of the first.

He went out to center field in the top of the second, but felt the tightness in the muscle and decided to come out of the game. After the game, Hamilton as modest as he can be, told reporters that he should have had an inside-the-park homerun.

"That's why you run hard out of the box," Hamilton said. "I could have had an inside-the-park home run. I told that to our young players, do as I say, not as I do."

More importantly, he gave an update on the status of his left foot.

"It's no big deal, it just tightened up," Hamilton said. "Obviously, we have 800 Spring Training games left, these games aren't that important. We'll just see how it feels in the morning."

The Rangers are not going to rush their superstar outfielder whatsoever. But, the Rangers should look into some outfield help as their depth beyond the infield is slim pickings, especially with Nelson Cruz and Frank Catalanotto heading to the World Baseball Classic this week.

More on Hamilton, he did have an RBI on the triple, whic now makes his spring even more impressive as he is now 5-for-9 with two home runs, a triple, and four RBI's in his first four games.

On his hot start to the spring;

"I'm relaxed, and obviously my stance is different from last year," Hamilton said. "I worked on some different things all offseason, and when I got to Spring Training, I didn't feel comfortable. I just finally got into a comfortable position.

Lastly, Hamilton did state that he might be able to play on Monday.

See everyone soon!


Quote Credit: T.R. Sullivan(Texas Rangers)