Scott Gordon...Respect Your Elders!

Harrison LastContributor IMarch 1, 2009

As most of you Islanders fans know, this year was the first year of the rebuilding process.

Another thing that most of you Islander fans know is that the Islanders are sitting in dead last place in the NHL by a good seven points ( has a nice tracker of the bottom five teams. Makes us Islander fans feel like we are dominating something this season).

Something you Islanders fans may not know (but probably do know) is that there has been a lot of controversy over Scott Gordon's philosophy. After the all-star break, he has been relying on all of the young players to do the jobs at top forwards or defensemen. However, he is treating the veterans like crap.

As in Newsday, Gordon has held team meetings that don't include the older guys... Now how is that a team meeting? Your captain (possibly ex-captain...which I will get into soon) is not at the meetings either and that is really bad for a team, in my opinion. A team consists of 20+ players and everyone should know what is happening with the team. 

All the vets understood what path the team was taking, but I do not believe that they knew this was coming, and they really do not appreciate it at all. Veterans are the people who teach the young guns how to be good hockey players and sportsman and leaders. They are some of the most important pieces to any team, playoff contender or not.

I'm sorry Mr. Gordon but I believe that your philosophy is good at all and it could potentially have a negative affect on the team

Guerin's Future...

Bill Guerin is a great captain and a great person too. He has been the best captain in my era (1990- present) and it is going to be tough to find someone as genuine as him.

His time on the team may be we all know he warmed up prior to the teams game vs. Buffalo on saturday, but he did not play, nor did he practice the following morning.

From sources I have read, it is only a team from the east but not the Bruins, Sabres, Devils, or Capitals. Now I'm only 18 years old so I have no true sources in the NHL (although it would be nice to have one or two or 10...) so I rely on websites.

The main website with these trade rumors is and in my opinion it is a very good site and you should check it out (no I do not work for them at all or know anyone who works there.)

Well now it is SNOWING AND I DON'T HAVE CLASSES TOMORROW! so that means either...

A) Snowball fight

B) grabbing trays from the cafeteria and sledding

C) all of the above

I vote C so until next time! Over and Out