All Keepers Announced (Fantasy Style)

Kip ArneyCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

The February 28th deadline has come and gone in the Grand Slam league for keepers to be announced. Each team was allowed to keep 7 players from last year's roster. The positions next to the names are those where each player is eligible as of right now. Also, there have been trades over the past couple of weeks which is why some of the team rosters look different from those that were reported earlier.

C- Russell Martin (LAD)
1B - Justin Morneau (MIN)
1B - Lance Berkman (HOU)
2B/SS/OF - Alexei Ramirez (CHW)
SS - Hanley Ramirez (FLA)
SP - Johan Santana (NYM)
SP - CC Sabathia (NYY)


Stealing Home
2B - Brian Roberts (BAL)
SS - Jimmy Rollins (PHI)
3B - Alex Rodriguez (NYY)
OF - Vladimir Guerrero (LAA)
OF - Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS)
SP - Brandon Webb (ARI)
SP - Carlos Zambrano (CHC)

Sportin' Lumber
1B - Ryan Howard (PHI)
1B/3B - Miguel Cabrera (DET)
SS - Jose Reyes (NYM)
3B - David Wright (NYM)
OF - Nick Markakis (BAL)
SP - John Lackey (LAA)
RP - Jonathan Papelbon (BOS)


C - Brian McCann (ATL)
2B - Brandon Phillips (CIN)
SS - Troy Tulowitzki (COL)
OF - Grady Sizemore (CLE)
OF - Carlos Quentin (CHW)
SP - Tim Lincecum (SFO)
SP - Roy Halladay (TOR)

C - Joe Mauer (MIN)
2B - Chase Utley (PHI)
3B - Aramis Ramirez (CHC)
OF - Ichiro (SEA)
OF - Curtis Granderson (DET)
SP - Jake Peavy (SD)
RP - Carlos Marmol (CHC)


Rebuilding Cubs
1B - James Loney (LAD)
2B - Ian Kinsler (TEX)
SS - Michael Young (TEX)
OF - BJ Upton (TB)
OF - Magglio Ordonez (DET)
OF - Nate McLouth (PIT)
RP - Brad Lidge (PHI)


NC Hair Pie Lovers
1B - Albert Pujols (STL)
OF - Ryan Ludwick (STL)
OF - Josh Hamilton (TEX)
SP - Cliff Lee (CLE)
SP - Dan Haren (ARI)
SP - Yovanni Gallardo (MIL)
RP - Joba Chamberlain (NYY)


The Instigators
1B - Mark Teixeira (NYY)
2B - Dustin Pedroia (BOS)
3B - Evan Longoria (TB)
OF - Jay Bruce (CIN)
OF - Carl Crawford (TB)
SP - Cole Hamels (PHI)
SP - Francisco Liriano (MIN)

Full Count
1B/3B - Kevin Youkilis (BOS)
2B - Dan Uggla (FLA)
3B - Chipper Jones (ATL)
OF - Manny Ramirez (No Team)
OF - Carlos Lee (HOU)
OF - Bobby Abreu (LAA)
RP - Francisco Rodriguez (NYM)


Carolina Mudcats
2B - Robinson Cano (NYY)
SS - Derek Jeter (NYY)
SS - Rafael Furcal (LAD)
OF - Matt Holliday (OAK)
OF - Shane Victorino (PHI)
OF - Chris Young (ARI)
SP - Ervin Santana (LAA)


MN Snowdawgs
1B - Prince Fielder (MIL)
OF - Jason Bay (BOS)
OF - Carlos Beltran (NYM)
OF - Alfonso Soriano (CHC)
OF - Ryan Braun (MIL)
SP - Felix Hernandez (SEA)
SP - Chad Billingsley (LAD)


Screaming Eagles
1B - Carlos Pena (TB)
1B/3B - Chris Davis (TEX)
1B/OF - Adam Dunn (WAS)
UTL - David Ortiz (BOS)
SP - Diasuke Matsuzaka (BOS)
RP - Mariano Rivera (NYY)
RP - Trevor Hoffman (SD)

Positional Breakdown
C - 3 taken (3 teams)
1B - 12 taken (8 teams)
2B - 8 taken (8 teams)
SS - 8 taken (6 teams)
3B - 8 taken (6 teams)
OF - 26 taken (9 teams have multiple OF)
SP - 17 taken (6 teams have multiple SP)
RP - 7 taken (6 teams)
UTL - 1 taken