Chicago Bears, Please Consider Pat White in the NFL Draft

Thomas ClarkCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

Ahhhh the sweet feeling of impatience as the NFL Draft approaches.

With the 18th pick, Chicago bears fans wait as the name of the next "Windy City" star is announced.

But I do not believe that the next great star in Chicago will come at pick 18, I believe it will come much later.

The pick could come in the third round, or maybe in the fifth, as teams start to imagine a wild cat formation with No. 5 Pat White at the helm.

Which ever team calls the name of this great athlete on April 26, will not only be nervous, but also anxious as they realize that the next Michael Vick-type quarterback will hoist their jersey over his shoulder pads every Sunday.

Not only will fans be sitting and watching, but White will also be sitting on his couch, clutching his phone, waiting for a call from at least one team willing to give him a chance. All I can hope is that call comes from the Chicago Bears.

If you look back in time at the NFC North, the great quarterbacks you see were all very mobile.

From Bill Wade, to Fran Tarkenton, every hall of famer that came out of the North could not only throw, but could run his way out of collapsing pocket as well.

That is the same situation with White.

He would not only fill the role of a mobile quarterback, he would completely change the way a quarterback plays the game.

Now no experts doubt the athletic ability of White, but many feel he lacks a quick release and would have trouble seeing over the offensive line when he came under-center.

I won't argue stats with any of the experts that say he could not be a proficient quarterback, because I see exactly were they're coming from.

White does lack the size of a prototypical quarterback, and he may not have fastest release in the world, or the best arm.

But as far as heart and leadership, there is no other player in the draft that can beat White.

To see that young man run out of the tunnel wearing navy blue every Sunday would be the greatest thing I have ever seen.

So Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith, if you look in the first round for the next face of the Windy City, slow down and look behind you.

Because sitting on his couch, waiting to get a call from at least one team that believes in him, is the true face of a franchise wearing a Mountaineers uniform, looking down at his chest, wondering if he will ever wear No. 5 again.