WWE Randy Orton Top 5 Most Memorible Punts

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

Honorable mention: Before the punt gimick he punted Foley down the stairs when he was in evolution look it up...the punt to Dusty Rhodes in front of cod roudes...Ted DiBiase punt to the head...and the punt to Shawn Michaels.

The punt is an exciting move because he doesn't use it all the time; it a special occation. There are a lot of people he could have punted but didn't: Kane, Mysterio, ect I hope he punt Vickie; imagine the look on Edge's face.


5. The saving punt to Punk

This punt saved us from the title reign of Punk, even tough he would of lost the title any way and how this was just a way to give the title to Jericho. This was the first time we saw legacy and Manu in the same place it was an actually good punt moment but the real reason I chose it was because it got Punk out of the title picture.


4. The RVD punt

I'm not entirely sure if this was the first punt or not. I know it was either RVD, Shawn Michaels, or Dusty Rhodes. Anyway, this punt was very important anyways even if it wasn't the first punt because it was a stretcher match and because it was the end of RVD's full time career with the WWE. This was RVD's send off not a good one in my opinion but he still shows up from time to time.

I haven't actually seen the punt but I believed it was worthy of No. 4 for the simple fact that it was the end of RVD's carreer.


3 Nighty night, Cena Sr.

This is the moment where Cena and Orton were in a rivalry around Unforgiven where Cena was tied to the ring post outside while Randy Orton desimates his father in a match that his father agreed to.

During the match Cena is going crazy and wants to tear Randy Orton apart and Randy Orton slaps Cena Sr. and stomps all over him and then before Cena can get loose, Orton delivers a devastating punt to his fathers head this really heated there rivalry leading up to No Mercy.


2. WrestleMania XXIV punt to Cena

This was one of the highlights of Orton's career and a good one at WrestleMania XXIV.

This, in my opinion, was Randy Orton's first big WrestleMania moment when Cena has the stf(stfu) on Triple H and it looks like he is about to tap and then all of a sudden off screen here comes Orton out of no where punting Cena's brains out is priceless and he walks out as champion is one of the highlights of his career...even though he lost the title at backlash. This is Unforgettable.


1. RandyOorton punts Vince McMahon and Shane

I'm counting these as the same becease they are related. The punt to the McMahon family was a giant push for Orton...it was the punt heard around the world.

It had the entire wrestling world talkin, believing that Orton's career was about to come to an end. Speculation came from this punt there was so much contreversy and when he won the rumble even more comtrovery arose.

This punt will not go any where for a long time because of the impact it had on Orton's character and the entire WWE and wrestling world; this shows that the WWE knows how to get ratings when they need it. It may have not been too long ago, but I believe the rivalry between Orton and the McMahons is far from over in my veiw

I hoped you enjoyed this trip down memory lane if I forgot any please don't hesitate to leave a comment.