Big East Bubble Report, March 1

ctsports picksAnalyst IMarch 1, 2009

The Big East has been given the best conference tag by almost every expert in college basketball.

Today, Craig handicaps the Bubble teams from the Big East. Most experts see seven safe teams for the NCAA tournament: UCONN, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Marquette, Louisville, West Virginia, and Syracuse.

On the bubble is not a great place to be as a coach, but all of these teams have two games, plus the Big East conference tournament to impress the selection committee.

Now, let;s handicap the bubble chances of these teams.

Cincinnati: Key wins against UAB, UNLV, West Virginia, and Georgetown (twice), give this team a huge boost to there resume. The only key losses were to other bubble Big East team Providence.

Handicapping there chances really comes down to how well they play in the Big East tournament. They need a minimum of one win to feel safe.

RPI 58 SOS 21

Providence: Key wins against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati (twice), and Syracuse. Bad losses to Northeastern, and Notre Dame.

The magic number for them is 20 wins—they need to get to that magic number.

For Providence, it will most likely will come down to last game of season at Villanova next Saturday. Handicapping there chances of making the NCAA tournament is tough because other than the Pittsburgh win, all the other wins are against teams that are on the bubble also.

RPI 56 SOS 36

Georgetown: Key wins against UCONN, Villanova, Syracuse, Providence, and Memphis. Bad losses to Seton Hall and Cincinnati (twice). Most coaches would not want this to team in the big dance, as they have proven they can beat anyone, on a given day.

The UCONN win was at UCONN, and when UCONN was at full strength. Handicapping their chances is looking up, they should win their last two games where they will be favored in both games.

Two wins in the conference tournament would put them in almost for sure. Georgetown has the best numbers of any bubble team, with their strength of schedule really helping them.

RPI 58 SOS 1

Notre Dame: Key wins against Providence, Louisville, Texas, and Georgetown. Bad losses to St. Johns and Cincinnati. The loss to UCONN has most likely ended any chance of this team getting an at-large bid.

When handicapping their chances to get in, Craig sees a conference tournament championship as the only way they get in the dance.

RPI 57 SOS 70

The Big East is the best conference this year without a doubt. The bubble teams would definitely be in this year if they were in any other conference.

Craig's handicapping knowledge helps him pick that the Big East conference is getting 9-10 bids this year.

Both Cincinnati and Georgetown are primed to get 3-4 more wins and earn their bid into the NCAA Tournament.

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