NFL Predictions Week 1: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Loser Misses Playoffs

George WrighsterGuest ColumnistSeptember 5, 2012

Dun, dun, dun, dun... It's a celebration! Do not forget to set your fantasy football teams!

The NFL is back!

Fans have been clinging to preseason games in an attempt to get their football fix. Preseason games can only "wet your whistle"; there is NOTHING like the real thing. The NFL is the most popular game in America for many reasons: it is physical, anyone can win, and it's NEVER short on drama.

Last offseason, the lockout was the topic. This season it is the officials.

As if there wasn't already enough drama with questionable calls and replay, the NFL will start the 2012 season off with replacement referees.

And who better to start the season than two of the most drama-filled teams in the league?

The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants vs America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

No love is lost between these bitter division rivals. The Giants have a head coach, Tom Coughlin, who is on the verge of being fired every year, a two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback who no one believes is elite and player/coach drama.

On the other hand, there are the Cowboys, who are now the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. Next year is "their year", and, every year, they disappoint. This is a team that has only won one playoff game in the last 15 seasons, but people consider them to be contenders every year.

Dallas features owner Jerry Jones (who spends more time on the field than the press box), a big money quarterback who doesn't win playoff games and a wide receiver for whom the team had to provide off-the-field rules and a chaperon.

Who needs a game when you have great reality television surrounding the teams?

The final score...34-24. This will be a close game but the GIANTS win. The loser of this game will NOT make the playoffs this season. 

Sorry Cowboys fans, but I will leave you with a present.