WWE: Why the Miz Is Not Being Used Properly by the Company

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2012

Quick! Let’s put out an all-points bulletin on the Miz.

Alright, that might be a bit extreme, but it does seem as if the wrestling world has seen very little of “The Awesome One” in recent months.

After defeating Christian to the win the Intercontinental Championship in July, fans likely figured that  big things were in store for the Miz going forward. Instead, he has largely wrestled quick matches, or only been seen in fleeting moments on television until this past week on RAW when he joined Michael Cole on commentary for a majority of the show.

Not that television time has ever been an issue for the 31-year-old Ohio native. Before he began his association with the WWE, Mike Mizanin was a reality television darling, starring for several seasons on various MTV shows, including the Real World, the Gauntlet and the Inferno. Then in 2004, he entered the WWE’s Tough Enough competition, where he finished as the runner up to MMA-competitor Daniel Puder.

While not his first foray into reality television, Tough Enough introduced Mizanin to the wrestling world—one that nearly a decade later, he has left a permanent mark upon. To date, he is also the only Tough Enough competitor to win the WWE Championship..

In fact, with his recent Intercontinental title win, Mizanin became the 25th Triple Crown winner in WWE history, winning the Intercontinental title, WWE Championship (once), and WWE tag team titles (three times). In addition, has been United States champion twice, and was RAW’s Mr. Money In the Bank in 2010, which he cashed in to win the aforementioned WWE Championship in November of  2010.

And not that he needs even more of a reason to boast, but he also happens to be dating former WWE Diva Maryse.

But in terms of why he’s been missing lately, what gives?

Perhaps it’s because he was filming the new Marine movie, the same film franchise that current WWE megastar John Cena began in 2006.

Perhaps it’s because he works as hard as any superstar on the roster in terms of doing appearances and PR.

Maybe it’s just a case of poor booking, or too many superstars to push at one time.

There does seem to be a lot of fish in the pond when it comes to talent in the company. But while less established and less talented performers like Ryback and Brodus Clay seem to be getting a lot of company support behind them, the Miz, despite this title reign, seems to be getting pushed to the back burner.

Thankfully, the answer to Miz’s situation is fairly simple. This run with the Intercontinental title needs to be a stepping stone to the WWE Championship scene. With this new (but not dramatically different) look that he has shown off lately, sans faux-hawk and with a bit of stubble, Miz seems ready to make the leap to where many believe he should have firmly been planted for awhile now.

The interesting question at hand though, is could a face-turn be in the works for Mizanin? And if so, is is a good idea?

His commentary with Michael Cole on this past Monday’s wasn’t solely aimed at cutting down the “good guys,” nor did he play up his love of fellow heels. Could the time have come for him to finally blow off his heel persona, which at times seems slightly annoying with all of the “Really’s,”  and join the ranks of John Cena and Sheamus as a top level face in the company?

In addition, along with the new look, a new finishing maneuver might also be in order, because the Skull Crushing Finale is getting a bit stale.

But with a face-turn, and some time at the top of the ladder, Miz surely would not.