Alabama Crimson Tide Earn No. 1 Spot; SEC Dominates the Top-10 in Week 1 Polls

Tom Scurlock@tas1372Correspondent IIISeptember 5, 2012

When Saban's angry, opponents pay the price
When Saban's angry, opponents pay the priceLeon Halip/Getty Images

Alabama’s the new No. 1. They earned the spot. Get over it.

Regardless, the AP and USA Today polls are meaningless right now; just look at the current top-10 teams. Eight teams will play at least one other team in top-10 by season's end, and these games will clear the field and settle the debate. 

It is possible that Georgia and Florida State could play spoiler since neither team has a top-10 opponent on the schedule right now, but both teams have glaring weaknesses so it is hard to imagine either team staying in the hunt. 

LSU is the only team that has a legitimate gripe about its poll spot. Alabama is the best team, but LSU is a close second. USC and Oregon can whine all they want, but they are not on the same level yet. 

What separates the Crimson Tide and the Tigers is their speed, power and attitude. Alabama and LSU are the only teams that possess all three on both sides of the ball. The Ducks and Trojans have a little sprinkled across the team, but not enough to stack up with the SEC’s best. 

The differences are most obvious on the defensive side of the ball. In 2011, Alabama’s defense allowed just eight points per game and LSU allowed 11. By comparison, USC and Oregon both allowed 24 points per game.

Granted, those statistics are from 2011, but the Crimson Tide and Tigers have picked up where they left off last year. Amazingly, their defenses are probably better this year, which spells doom for their opponents.  

Surprisingly, their offenses get lost in the discussion, but both are very productive. Alabama and LSU are so explosive and physical in the trenches that they literally beat the will out of defenses. 

The argument that LSU and Alabama will yield when facing offensive juggernauts like Oregon, USC and Oklahoma State is absurd. The Tigers had little trouble dismantling the Ducks, Mountaineers and Razorbacks last season, and the Crimson Tide stopped everyone. 

The offensive powerhouses have proven that they can run up the score on cupcakes. The question still lingers about whether or not they can do it against an SEC caliber defense. Until they accomplish it on the field, the nod goes to Alabama. 

Week 1 is barely in the books so getting upset about poll position is ridiculous. Let’s check back on November 4. That's when we’ll know who the real players are. 


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