Sarah Crilly: Scottish National Team Picks Girl from Stands Who Then Scores Goal

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2012

Photo Credit: Lanark Gazette
Photo Credit: Lanark Gazette

Sarah Crilly was at last week's Scottish National Women's Team friendly to take in the sights and sounds as a fan. She left with her first cap and the equalizing goal for her country's side. 

Um, sweet. 

The Scottish Sun (h/t Deadspin) reports the 20-year-old was picked from the stands when the team suffered a rash of injuries that demanded they get creative. 

The match against Norway was a friendly, allowing for them to fill the void with Crilly, who was merely there as a spectator. 

Now this isn't quite a Disney made-for-TV movie story, because Crilly is something of a football player and trained with the team recently. 

She plays for club team Hamilton Academical and was asked to train with the national side just a day before her surprise substitution. 

That's not to say this isn't a remarkable story of chance and superb timing—and rather bad clothing. 

Crilly was forced to wear something of a clown suit on her way out onto the pitch. The team rushed to dress this player who had no idea she was going to be utilized in the game.

That meant she came into the game with shoes two sizes too big, forcing her to wear three pairs of socks to keep them on. 

Crilly explains the amazing story, picking up from the end of her training session. 

At the end they said I should come and watch the match. So I was standing with all my friends waiting on a cup of tea when the team administrator came up and asked if I had my boots with me. I didn’t.

So she took me to the changing rooms, and got me kitted out. The shorts were way too big and baggy, and I was wearing three pairs of socks. I must have looked ridiculous.

No, Crilly. This story is ridiculous, but the good kind that allows you to smile while you shake your head in disbelief. 

Scotland has two Euro 2013 qualifiers against Wales and France this month, and there is no word whether she will feature in those or any national fixtures in the future. 

We certainly hope so, because this story is just too good to end. 

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