WWE Night of Champions 2012: The Miz and Antonio Cesaro Matches Need to Be Hyped

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2012

photo by Reckless Dream Photography
photo by Reckless Dream Photography

Night of Champions 2012 is nearing. The Intercontinental and United States Championships will, by virtue of the pay-per-view's theme, be defended, but against whom?

Raw and SmackDown has given fans plenty of the feuds at the top of the card.

While no one expect Miz and Antonio Cesaro's matches to receive the kind of attention that CM Punk and Sheamus' do, they at least need to be addressed. At this point, there aren't even matches announced for those champs.

Likely they'll have to go with rematches from SummerSlam.

There isn't sufficient time to build even the most minimal of stories with any other challengers.

The buildup to Night of Champions is like many recent pay-per-views in that it's too top-heavy. The mid-card can't just be forgotten about until the day of the show.

We get it, CM Punk wants respect and Sheamus is a peasant.

Other stories need to be told as well. A developed mid-card provides depth and alternatives. 

Younger, unproven stars could use chasing the secondary titles as stepping stones to greater things. It also provides a chance for WWE to see how guys handle a touch of spotlight.

This can't happen if there is no attention paid to those titles.

Who is the No. 1 contender for the IC title?  What about the US belt?

Far too much talent sits on the sidelines or is being used sparingly. A feud with Miz or Cesaro could give Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, Zach Ryder, Alex Riley or Ted DiBiase something to do.

Those guys don't have fan clubs the size of John Cena's, but there are certainly fans who long to see those wrestlers in action. 

The secondary titles lose their purpose if they're given to wrestlers who are then forced to sit on them.

We don't need an epic, drawn-out feud to be invested in a match, but whatever challengers they trot out now aren't going to stir up any kind of emotion.

Matches need to be announced far earlier. Champions like Miz and Cesaro should be constantly bombarded with challengers wanting to take the belt off them.

The titles feel more valuable the more the other wrestlers want them.

At Night of Champions we'll probably get matches thrown together at the last minute with no narrative backbone to build on. Ignoring the IC and US belts to this extent is a waste of their existence and a waste of the talent waiting around in the locker room.