WWE Night of Champions 2012: Why Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio Is Beyond Stale

David LevinSenior Writer IISeptember 7, 2012


In professional wrestling, you have to take the good with the bad and vice versa. While the WWE is working on a great program that places CM Punk and his WWE title in the same game as Paul Heyman, we are faced with a beyond boring angle with Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio.

And correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t there a Money in the Bank match won by Dolph Ziggler—which should have given him more as an opportunity to either wrestle the current world heavyweight champion, or cash in on his ill fate after a match?

Something here in the WWE doesn’t seem right.

The fact we are still talking about Sheamus having to defend his title against the Mexican Aristocrat speaks volumes about how far behind the eight ball the company is in terms of finding the right combination to oppose Sheamus in title defenses.

Personally, I love Randy Orton for this slot. Personally, I love Wade Barrett for this slot. Personally, I love the idea of Kane getting a shot at the title.

What this amounts to is “Anyone but Alberto Del Rio.” It’s not a political slogan, but maybe it should be one.

Usually, programs have a start, an apex and a finale. This type of feud never really started. The WWE did what it could to build ADR as a champion so quickly that he cannot remain as a mid-level wrestler. He does not work well with other angles where another title except top gold is at stake (much like CM Punk or John Cena).

I’m not saying ADR is not a talent—he certainly is. But the fact is, the same rhetoric goes back and forth with these two. It needs someone like Randy Orton (who is perfect for this spot) to come in and add something other than repetition speaks to how the WWE treats the World title as a second-tier championship.

You don’t see Punk, Cena or The Rock trying to carry Ric Flair’s old belt around their waists.

The WWE needs to end this cycle at Night of Champions in the worst way. I cannot see it continuing, or see the championship belt around the waist of Sheamus, through the holidays.

That, in my opinion, would be too easy.

A few rounds with Randy Orton would be great. A few rounds with Dolph Ziggler would put both superstars over again.

But a few more rounds with Alberto Del Rio and we have to really question the moves of this company and whether or not the WWE truly knows what it is doing.