TJ Houshmanzadeh: Are the Vikings a Good Fit for Him?

Anthony WeigelContributor IMarch 1, 2009

The Minnesota Vikings have not had a real number one receiver since Randy Moss left in 2003. If this works out, they may finally have their man.

As many of you know, TJ Houshmanzadeh is a free agent and says that he will make his decision about which team to sign with tonight. His three main suitors are the Cincinnati Bengals, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Minnesota Vikings.

It is being reported that he wants a four-year deal worth about $10 million/yr.

I would LOVE to see TJ in a purple and gold uniform, and here's why.

First, the contract is not absolutely enormous. It's $10 million a season for basically a possession wide receiver, but it's not a super long commitment. The Vikings are $35 million under the cap, so they can afford this deal.

Second, he would be an amazing complement to Bernard Berrain. Having one wide receiver as a huge deep threat and another that is great at running routes and getting open without blazing speed is a perfect one-two receiving punch.

Third, it provides greater chances for the best running back in the NFL to see fewer and fewer eight or nine man fronts. Teams will still focus on AP, but if this team can develop a real passing attack, it could be a very formidable offense.

Finally, its hard to find a Bengal these days who has not been in the county lockup. TJ is actually one of them.

All around, I think this would finally give the Vikings a really good one-two punch at wide receiver and for the price, I would make this deal in a heartbeat. The only criticism I have is that TJ really isn't a No. 1 wide receiver, just like Bernard Berrain isn't either.

It would still leave the Vikings without a true No. 1, but with two very good wide outs plus Sidney Rice and Wade, it will give whomever is QB more options.

Now, if those QBs could just accurately get all these wide receivers the ball...