Age-Old Fires Re-Kindled In The AFC West

alton rexCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

Well, well, well.

There's still miles to go before we sleep but it's pretty plain the new faces running the shows for the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs are up for the gamesmanship required to play pro ball in the AFC West.

At the end of the day, Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels are having nightmares, Josh of Matt Cassel in Red & Gold, and Cutler of a Lions logo on his jersey.

Apparently, sometime late last Friday night or Saturday, new Bronco's coach Josh McDaniels tried to stage an eleventh hour coup by proxy to obtain Matt Cassel via a three-way trade involving either the Detroit Lions or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in return for Jay Cutler and draft picks.

In spite of the denials currently sprouting in Denver to the contrary, it looks as if the deal was declined by the folks in New England—either because there was already a verbal agreement in place with KC (Vrabel was already in KC for a physical) or because the Hoodie was already a tad annoyed with the Broncos for signing some Patriot free agents without having the grace to speak to Darth BeliVader first.

Rumor has it, "The Plan" was to have either the Lions or the Bucs offer the Patriots a first and a third round pick to obtain Cassel, and they in turn would trade Cassel to the Bronco's for Cutler and a Broncos draft pick.

This would serve two big purposes: it would give McDaniels a QB who is proven in the offense he wants to install, and it keeps him away from a division rival on the rise.

My question is this: Were the Patriots supposed to be in the loop on which team would ultimately end up with Matt Cassel?

Or, were the Lions/Bucs supposed to keep the other half of the trade quiet until they packed him off to Denver?

If this is the case, things could not have worked out worse for the Broncos because not only did they not get Cassel, but the whole scenario is playing havoc in Cutler's head.

Additionally, it makes the new braintrust in Denver look like amateurs, which has to have the rest of their roster scratching their heads in wonderment.

If the Broncos were trying to keep Darth BeliVader out of the loop, you know he's going to be more than a little peeved. This is precisely the kind of thing that comes back to haunt a franchise over and over again.

Of course, all of this is speculation and innuendo supported only by the thinnest scraps of information—all of it except what's going on in Cutler's head...