Our Friends Around the Yankee Blogging World: 3/01/2009

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2009

(The Voice of Yankees Universe)

This is our weekly review of what is being said on Yankee’s Blogs around the net. I try to find a nice variety of different topics and I hope you enjoy. All these writers do a tremendous job.

Bryan Hoch at the Bombers Beat reports from an ugly day today in Tampa. He also analyzes how a Red’s move from Sarasota could affect the Yanks.

Our friends at Busted Coverage have pictures of Joba Chamberlain with an attractive blonde. I wonder how old these pics are, but definitely worth checking out.

Mike at River Ave Blues reacts to the Royal’s signing of Juan Cruz. He wanted the Yanks to move on him back in January. To make room for Cruz, the Royal’s designated Esteban German for assignment. Click through to see what he thinks the Yanks should do, I agree with him.

Peter Abraham at the LoHud Yankees Blog is giving updates of today’s game. At 1:16 PM, A-Rod came up to bat to a bunch of boos. He banged an RBI double, and then Peter gave his thoughts on what kind of season A-Rod will have. I smiled. ETVal of Pinstripe Alley reacts to the possibility of A-Rod being suspended.

Greg Cohen of Sliding Into Home passes on some great videos from inside the new Yankee Stadium. There are some great aerial shots too.

Nick Swisher is definitely on Twitter. Patrick at YanksBlog.com is trying to find out if CC Sabathia is officially on Twitter too. Status Update: Nick Swisher is sick of striking out.

Steve S of The Yankees: Minors to Majorsnotes that there are a lot of talented lefty relievers available, but would really like to see the Yanks sign Dennys Reyes.

Charlie at the Chuck Knoblog has this hilarious picture of the Red Sox pitching staff:

Old Red Sox Pitchers, Courtesy of the Chuck Knoblog

Old Red Sox Pitchers, Courtesy of the Chuck Knoblog

Chris Vinson at Pinstripes Published writes about Hideki Matsui getting ready for the season and provides and outlook for the season.

Drew Sarver of My Pinstripes would not be surprised if Manny Ramirez sits for the start of the season as teams like the Mets may turn into real possibilities.

Alex at Coast to Coast Baseball passes along a funny video of what it’s like to be a Red Sox fan walking through Yankee Stadium.

Josh at Jorge Says No thinks that National fans should celebrate that Jim Bowden resigned. I wonder if he would have resigned if the Nationals could have signed Mark Teixeira.

Yankee Shamus of “It is High, It is Far” passed along a Derek Jeter quote to Carl Pavano: “”You ever going to play? Ever?”

Sick of all the A-Roid Drama? Let’s go back to the Yankee Years. Was Watching has read the book and now chimes in with their opinion.

My friend Jeff over at The Bronx Insider has a great post on the baseball card industry. If you’re a collector, this is a must read.