Matt Cassel, Mike Vrabel to Kansas City Chiefs: The Incestuous NFL Strikes Again

Justin GormanCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

By now, everybody who pays even the mildest attention to sports news (and if you’re tuning into Turning Two, we imagine you qualify) knows the story: The New England Patriots traded newly franchised quarterback Matt Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel (arguably the cornerstone of the Pats’ defense) to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second round draft pick.

Music analogy: I trade the entire Beatles collection, mint condition, on vinyl, to someone for the most recent Nickelback album.

Movie analogy: I trade The Departed, The Usual Suspects and Snatch on Blu-Ray straight up for Gigli and Battlefield Earth on VHS.

Food analogy: I trade an eight-ounce Kobe Filet for a single rice cake.

Video Game analogy: I trade Fallout 3, Civilization Revolution and MLB The Show: 08 for PS3 for Back To The Future 2&3, Ghostbusters 2 (NES) and Superman 64 (N64).

I think I have gotten my point across. I am calling shenanigans on Scott “Piolichick.”  I understand that Pioli wanted to get a couple players whose performance he was familiar with in his new club, the “underaChiefers.”

However, I don’t know quite how to take the one-sidedness of this trade.  I don’t remember seeing a trade this one-sided since, oh wait, Randy Moss for a fourth-round pick.


Ultimately, I’m not sure how the Cassel move is going to work for the Chiefs. I’m a firm believer that one of the reasons he was so effective this year was not because of his raw talent, but because of the system in which he was playing. I guess we shall find out soon enough.

An additional wrinkle to this story broke yesterday, when it was revealed that new Broncos head coach Josh McDaniel (no surprise, former Patriots staffer) discussed a multi-team deal to acquire Cassel in Denver, and trade Jay Cutler.

In one scenario, he would have gone to Tampa Bay, and in another scenario Cutler would have ended up in Detroit.

It’s not surprising that Cutler is upset about this development. He was selected by Denver as the 11th pick in the 2006 Draft, and has a Howitzer attached to his shoulder.

He can throw a football about 14 miles on a calm day at sea level. He is the face of the Denver Broncos, and a very talented quarterback.

It just appears strange to me how the Cassel saga unfolded this past weekend, where the only teams he could have ended up playing for were the Broncos or the Chiefs, both AFC West teams where former Belichick minions have been placed.

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget that the Patriots and the Chargers aren’t exactly in love with each other.

I’m not accusing someone or some organization of a conspiracy, but I do think it’s interesting that two years ago, Scott Pioli pulled off the trade of the century in grabbing Moss for a mid-round pick, and this year, he pulls off an even more lopsided trade.

If the Cassel trade works out, and the Chiefs improve drastically this year as a result, then Pioli wins my vote for “Top Sports Executive of 2009.”

This kind of makes the Heathcliff Slocumb for Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek trade seem even in hindsight.

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