Kansas City Chiefs: Making A Splash Or Just Making Waves?

Dena CrutcherCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

As the 2008 season was drawing to an end for the Kansas City Chiefs, fans like myself were shaking their heads wondering how we had fallen to such a low point. How had the "Loudest Stadium in the NFL" become so quiet? 

I'll tell you in two simple words. 

Herman Edwards. 

Trading away draft picks for Edwards was a huge mistake. Carl Peterson made a huge mistake. Yes, the first season Herm was in Kansas City, the team limped into the playoffs. But wait, that was with a team he had not put together. The 2007 season ended with a 4-12 record and the 2008 season closed with the worst record in franchise history at 2-14. 

When a team is "rebuilding," there will be plenty of growing pains. As Herm would say, "We are what we are". Even as his "rebuilding" team gradually worsened. 

He managed to literally run Larry Johnson into the ground and push one of the best tight ends in the NFL, Tony Gonzalez,  so far that he wants to leave town. With Clark Hunt under scrutiny from the Chiefs' Nation to oust Edwards, and possibly Carl Peterson as well, it looked as if he needed to finally take over the reigns of the organization left to him by his late father, Lamar Hunt.

As the season was drawing to an end, there was breaking news that Carl Peterson was stepping down after 20 years as the President and General Manager of the Chiefs. The Chiefs' Nation could not have been happier as the end of "King" Carl's reign was now official. 

Next in question was Herm Edwards. Would he be on the chopping block when a new general manager was hired? There was plenty of speculation to say the least, and with the announcement of former Patriots Personnel Director Scott Pioli as the new general manager, we found that Edwards would not remain the head coach in Kansas City. 

The Chiefs' Nation was roaring once again. Much in the way they did when Derrick Thomas stepped onto the field. Finally, our prayers had been answered. Herm was gone. Fans everywhere broke out in Wizard of Oz style with "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead."

One of Edwards' most notable quotes started to sail through the air, as fans were telling Herm to "get over it," as he had told them to do so many times during the previous three years. 

With the firing of Herman Edwards, fans wondered who the shiny new general manager would bring in to spearhead the team. When the announcement was made that Todd Haley was being brought in, there were mixed emotions, but it was a general consensus that anything other than Herm would be an improvement. 

As free agency started, there were fans foaming at the mouth at midnight waiting to see if the Chiefs new staff would immediately make moves.

Of course, they didn't, which is fine with most of the Chiefs fans because no immediate decisions need to be made. We just want some improvement over the last couple of free agency periods, where little to no moves had been made to help the team. 

In the last 72 hours, the Chiefs have acquired Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel from the New England Patriots. Maybe things are looking up after all. 

With these moves, fans are wondering what else is on the horizon for their beloved Chiefs. Who knows, the offseason is still young.

There's the draft and training camp and roster cuts ahead. Hopefully the team isn't just making waves, it's splashing the water out of the pool.