Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal Are Damn Yankees

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2009

(The Voice of Yankees Universe)

That’s right. Jim Carrey & Jake Gyllenhaal will be starring in a remake of the classic Broadway play Damn Yankees.The musical is based on Douglass Wallop’s novel The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant.

The show was originally on stage in 1955, but was later turned into a film in 1958. The original movie starred Gwen Verdon and Stephen Douglass. I found this very interesting. They also picked two actors who I didn’t think would star in this type of movie.

for those who don’t know about the Damn Yankees:

Meg complains about her husband, Joe Boyd, a long-suffering, middle-aged fan of the Washington Senators baseball team. (”Six Months Out Of Every Year”).

After Meg has gone to bed, Joe suddenly meets a slick salesman, Mr. Applegate, who is in reality the Devil. Joe is convinced to sell his soul to the Devil to become the young and strong slugger Joe Hardy, the “long ball hitter the Senators need that he’d sell his soul for.” 

Though Joe is increasingly successful, he truly misses his wife and begins boarding with her. Meg and the young man begin to bond, especially over her “lost” husband (”A Man Doesn’t Know”).

Fearful of losing his deal, Mr. Applegate calls Lola, “the best homewrecker on [his] staff”, to seduce Joe and thereby ensure his soul to damnation.

Applegate promises to make Joe young again, and even ensure a World Series victory. But his powers are useless against the pair’s true love, which Lola points out. Applegate shouts that such a thing cannot exist-but he is wrong. He and Lola vanish back into Hell, defeated, with Joe and Meg united again forever.

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