WWE Night of Champions 2012: Will CM Punk vs. John Cena Be Duos Best Match Yet?

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

The Night of Champions match between CM Punk and John Cena is shaping up to be their best match yet.  These two have faced off several times before, but the buildup is what really makes their matches exciting.

Will their Night of Champions match be able to top their Money in the Bank match last year, though?  Last year, with Punk on the verge of leaving—coupled with the promos he cut—it made their match one of the most anticipated of the year.  Money in the Bank was also in Punk's hometown of Chicago.

Now the tables are turned, as Night of Champions is in Cena's hometown of Boston.  Things this time around are a little different as well.  Punk is supposedly a heel, though fans still cheer for him.  He is going into this match defending the title, not trying to win it.

Still, there are some pretty big issues swirling around this match that will make it their best yet.


The Royal Rumble and Beyond

With Punk sending a clear message to The Rock during the Raw 1000 episode, seeing if he can retain the title has become an issue.  Will we see Punk vs. The Rock at the Royal Rumble?  Will he even be able to hold on to the title long enough to face The Rock?

Beating Cena at Night of Champions would be a good start.

There might be other plans in the mix as well.  Could we see Cena vs. The Rock at Rumble, with Cena dropping the belt and an eventual matchup of The Rock vs. Punk at WrestleMania?

One way or another, The Rock will play a role in the WWE title scene.

This match at Night of Champions could start the wheels rolling and show us who The Rock will be facing at the Royal Rumble. 

Of course, there are other pay-per-views before the Rumble, but why ruin Punk's title reign by making him drop the belt at Night of Champions, only to possibly regain it months later?  Or, for that matter, if Cena wins, why would the WWE bother to make him drop the belt to Punk at another pay-per-view before the Rumble?

Whoever wins this match will reign as the WWE champion until they meet The Rock at the Royal Rumble.


Punk Is a Paul Heyman Guy

It would have been hard to compare the hype of this match to the one last year at Money in the Bank.  Paul Heyman driving away with CM Punk at the end of Monday night Raw changed all of that. 

Punk was right when he tweeted early this summer:

@HeymanHustle: It's going to be one wild F'n year!” They have NO idea.

Will Heyman involve himself in the match at Night of Champions?  Is this the beginning of a super stable that will run wild on the WWE?

Night of Champions is still a couple weeks away, so hopefully some questions will be answered next Monday night.

Regardless, Paul Heyman and CM Punk are now aligned, and no one knows yet how that's going to play a role at Night of Champions.

Heyman's involvement has dramatically increased the potential for this to be the best match between Cena and Punk we've seen so far.


In-Ring Is Important Too

The buildup for this match is one thing, but the actual match itself is something else.  Will Cena and Punk be able to perform at a high level?  We will have to wait for Night of Champions to find out, but rest assured, these two will more than likely deliver.

Cena and Punk have worked together more since their match last year at Money in the Bank. 

Even with injuries, Cena should still be able to keep up with Punk and perform at a high level.

They have worked together in tag matches, been in a triple threat match together and were in a singles match at Raw 1000.  Clearly, these two gained a lot of experience in the ring together, and when it comes down to Night of Champions, it will show.

Expect a big performance out of these two.


In Punk We Trust?

Night of Champions will not only be the best match between Cena and Punk, but also their most important.

Does the WWE trust Punk enough to let him continue his title run?  Or will he drop the title to Cena and let him carry the momentum to the Royal Rumble?

With the lack of placing Punk in the main event over the course of his title run, the WWE might not fully buy in to letting Punk run with the ball.

The match between John Cena and CM Punk at Night of Champions has the potential to be their best match yet.  With so much on the line, this is one you won’t want to miss.