Ohio State Football Recruiting: Buckeyes Smart to Keep 4-Star Mark Andrews as WR

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 4, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Class of 2014  4-star receiver Mark Andrews is going to be a stud at the collegiate level, and right now the Ohio State Buckeyes are putting themselves in the perfect position to recruit him once the time is right.

At 6'6'', 225 pounds, Andrews is literally an athletic marvel—he's a Junior in high school mind you—and if he's put in the right position with the right coach on the right team, the sky is the limit.

According to Bill Kurelic of 247sports.com, some teams are looking at Andrews as a potential H-back, but the Buckeyes are recruiting him as a wideout:

“Ohio State is definitely recruiting me as a wide receiver,” Andrews said. “It is 100% wide receiver for me.”

Andrews is also a very good basketball player which makes for a very busy schedule. He says he probably won’t get out to OSU this season, but is looking forward to visiting Ohio State and meeting Urban Meyer next year.

“Obviously he’s a great coach,” Andrews said. “He’s a likeable guy. I’m excited to meet him.”

This is a great move by Ohio State, and it's going to pay dividends when it comes down to decision making time for Andrews.

While it's certainly intriguing to have a player of his size and athleticism at the H-back position, it makes far more sense to put this kid out in space and allow him to pick on smaller defenders at the cornerback and safety positions.

By recruiting him as a wide receiver, the Buckeyes are essentially telling Andrews that they see him as a big-time playmaker that can develop into a stud, and that's going to give them the upper hand over teams that want to transition him H-back.

Not only will his potential impact be much greater, but playing WR at OSU would also increase his chances of playing in the NFL—don't kid yourself, it does play into recruiting. The trend in the pro game right now revolves around receivers and tight ends being taller and more athletic, so if Andrews can showcase those traits at a big time program, NFL teams are surely going to take notice.

Andrews still has plenty of football left to play in his high school career and I only see him getting better as he gets older. He's projecting to be an absolute stud wide receiver at the next level.

Ohio State is making a brilliant recruiting move by essentially letting him know that they see the same thing.

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