Reggie Miller: Among the Greatest Shooting Guards Ever?

No NameAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2012

With the 11th pick in the 1987 NBA Draft, the Indiana Pacers took a skinny kid from UCLA, enraging fans across the state. This week, those same fans are laughing at just how wrong they were.

In what turned out to be a Hall of Fame career, Reggie was full of thrilling moments, epic comebacks and incredible clutch shots.

There is no doubt he belongs in the Hall of Fame but now that he is in, where does he stack up in comparison to the greatest shooting guards in NBA history?

A few obvious names come to mind. Of course Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are ahead of him but after that, it's a matter of opinion.

You have guys from the early days like Jerry West, George Gervin, Clyde Drexler and Earl Monroe. It's almost impossible to compare him to those guys because the game was so different back then.

The more recent players like Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, and Dwyane Wade all have to be in the discussion as well. Both Wade and Allen have won Championships, but if you aren't factoring that into the equation, you can say he was right there with them.

Former teammate and now Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson seems to think so as well. Jackson said, “When you take Michael Jordan and you take Kobe Bryant out of the discussion, he’s as good as any two-guard that has ever played the game.” 

Is he one of the greatest shooting guards the game has ever seen? Ask Jordan or Kobe, who both said Reggie was the toughest player they ever had to defend and the one person that could get into their heads.

Ask the Nets, Knicks and Spike Lee if Reggie is one of the greatest. The answer shouldn't surprise you.