NFL Teams Shouldn't Sleep On Percy Harvin

Princess Cooper@NeverHadITRadioCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

I personally think the performance of Percy Harvin speaks for itself. His impact on the team was immediate. His impression on Urban will last forever. His speed will be remembered in the SEC for a long time.
Also, I selfishly did not want to see him leave early and declare for the draft. How much he will be missed will definitely be debated at a later time. But, this is to say that he is the real deal. He is exactly the x-factor for a lot of offenses in the NFL and here is why.
In 2006 he had only five touchdowns for the year. But, his presence and impact in the SEC Championship was felt. The Arkansas Razorbacks had no answer. He came away with the MVP of the SEC Championship Game.
His performance was minimal in the BCS Championship Game but, that was because the ball was spread around to perfection by Urban Meyer and Dan Mullen. He had to compete with Bubba Caldwell, Dallas Baker, and Cornelius Ingram. Needless to say they came away with a dominant win.
But hopes were high in 2007 even though the Gators lost their entire defense. Percy had his best year statistically. He scored 10 touchdowns, had 858 yards receiving and 764 rushing. And, because of this production Percy was the key to the offense.
He was part of the reason that Tebow walked away with the Heisman Trophy Winner. His contribution was so important that it had Tebow talking about Percy winning the Heisman in 2008.
In 2008. even though our rival Georgia Bulldogs were considered the favorite to go all the way, Gatornation had high hopes and that had a lot to do with Percy Harvin.
Gatornation felt that we had the most dangerous player in College Football. Harvin had 17 touchdowns in 2008 with 644 yards receiving and 659 yards rushing. But, it is in this year that I think Percy Harvin made his stock worthy. This is the year that he solidified himself as a college player who could play at the next level.
His ability to make people miss was/is uncanny. He has a natural first step. Some say the fastest first step. He can maneuver through the line and come out with a burst of speed that has/had many coaches and defenses in college football shaking their heads.
Percy scored at least one touchdown in every game he played in 2008. His game against Georgia signified his talents as he scored rushing on a 20 yard sweep. He then scored wide open in the end zone on a 25 yard pass from Tebow. 
He had a similar game against LSU as he scored two receiving touchdowns; racked up a 70 yard receiving touchdowns, tons of yards and SEC Offensive Player of the week. He also had a 80 yard touchdown against South Carolina.
Every way he was used he was successful and I think this can happen in the NFL.
Some say he is the next Reggie Bush. I think he is better. I feel he went up against a lot better defenses week in and week out in the SEC. I think once you get pass USC in the Pac-10 the level of defense declines.
Some say he is injury prone. But, if you look he only missed 5 games in his three year history. This issue has been personified because he is so valuable to his team. And, because he missed one of the most important games in Florida Football history against the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship Game.
But, if there is anything that is a testament to his strength and durability it is his come back and his sometimes self imposed rehab for the National Championship Game. Not only did he sustain a high ankle sprain in the FSU game but, he also had a hair-line fracture in the ankle. 
Harvin's performance recovering was just as a spectacular as his performance in the National Championship Game. The Gators had no chance to win that game without Harvin. And, his 50-yard run from scrimmage after Oklahoma had just scored was monumental.
It can be argued that at this point Oklahoma had just taken some semblance of momentum. For Harvin to comeback on the very next play offensively from scrimmage was huge. Now, that drive ended in a field goal but, it was momentum gain that would never be relinquish by the Gators.
Harvin can have this kind of impact in the NFL. He can do it all. He can return kick, run the ball and catch the ball. And, I think he can learn to be a better route runner. I also believe that the bulk and strength that Harvin picked up in the off season before the 2008 schedule commenced will be what will sustain him in the NFL. 
Harvin and Meyer created the Percy Harvin position that most coaches are looking for when they recruit now. I think Harvin can create the Percy position in the NFL if given the chance. 
The Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans are two teams that gave him some attention at the Combine. I say more need to pay attention to this player or they will be kicking themselves later. 
Go Gators!!