Whatever Happened To The Role Of The GM?

Ste EccCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

I know a recent article discussed the idea that the time has come to end the Vicky Guerrero storyline with Edge (forgot who wrote it and can't be bothered finding the link but feel free to plug it in the comments at the bottom), and I agree, but this is a more general article on the use of General Managers within the WWE.

I just wonder when General Managers of Raw (admittedly they haven't had a real one for months now... except Steph as a sort of long term build to WM) and SmackDown became pawns for one particular storyline?

Vickie Guerrero on SmackDown is the prime example. She is supposedly making all the matches on every episode of SmackDown but when was the last time she was involved in anything but keeping Edge in the WWE Title (and now World Heavyweight title) picture or the seemingly forgotten feud with The Undertaker?

We should remember at this point that the feud with Taker was, for a long time, the WWE title picture in its entirety, except for the two or three months after SummerSlam until Survivor Series when Edge returned.

I have always generally defended the storyline with Vickie and Edge when I've been watching with my mates but it's been going on for two years now! It's just not interesting anymore. The only vaguely interesting bit of it was Edge's return at Survivor Series.

Admittedly this alliance between Edge and Vickie has produced some incredible matches. Edge vs Taker TLC springs to mind for example, and I have no problem with many of the matches it's produced, but the storyline itself is so boring by now it's seriously making me think the writers have run out of ideas.

Now taking a step back from the Edge-Vickie alliance here, surely as Vickie is the GM of SmackDown she should be involved in other parts of the show?

For example, why has she had absolutely no say in the Colons vs. Miz and Morrison feud? Let's face it, Miz and Morrison had a chance this past week to unify the tag titles, and yet the SmackDown general manager seemed to have no say.

Even a minute long skit after Miz and Morrison beat the Colons the previous week, saying they'd earned the right to challenge for the Tag Titles would have been enough.

They could have gone into Vickie's office, made a couple of cracks about the Colons a la The Dirt Sheet, and asked for a title shot. Surely Vickie has to make the decision as to who challenges for SmackDown's tag titles, yes?

Instead we were just told by JR that there would be a title match, that was it. No build up whatsoever for a match which could have unified the tag titles for crying out loud, that was a BIG match!

It deserved at the least a couple of minutes build up (and I refuse to count the Bella twins "date" as build up, it was feud-building, and didn't add to the match itself at all).

Now I for one would want to see a GM have at least some involvement in the show besides whatever her husband is doing feud-wise at the moment, otherwise it completely detracts from her authority.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see her getting involved in every match. She does a great job as a heel, and generates a lot of heat, but she's not doing the job of a general manager.

Right, enough about SmackDown for a minute, it's RAW time! They haven't had an authoritative general manager since (and it pains me to say this) Mike Adamle. Alright, he was useless, but he played the part of the General Manager of RAW.

He was always involved with the running of the show, making matches to make the show stand out, helping build feuds, and generally being seen to be the guy making the decisions.

I know RAW has had Stephanie McMahon standing in over the past month or two, but apart from setting up the Randy Orton vs Triple H feud, and humiliating Jericho to make a point... what involvement did she have?

Admittedly, she did have a little involvement in CM Punk's IC title win, I'll give you that, and that was perfectly put over as her being the GM. This is exactly what I've been saying we need, but generally she was a background character put in the GM's position with the long term goal of setting up Triple H's return to feud with Orton.

To be honest, as far as I can tell, the only General Manager doing the job of a general manager is Teddy Long on ECW. He's promoting youth talent, bringing Christian back, getting involved with feuds and the title race, and generally managing his show.

I wish he'd been the one to run RAW as the interim general manager. Perhaps then he'd have slowly become the permanent Raw GM, which I would love. I do understand why they've used Vickie on Raw to further the Edge vs Cena rivalry though.

At the moment my ideal situation (and potentially real one seeing as they're having the draft so soon after Wrestlemania 25) is for Vickie and Teddy Long to get swapped in the draft, and JBL be made the surprise appointment as the Raw GM soon after.

That would put an end to Vickie helping Edge constantly, and would put a great GM on a more high profile show. I think JBL would be a great heel GM, seeing as he loves making business decisions he could surely make some good ones for Raw?!

Let me know your thoughts on General Managers at the moment, I've been disillusioned with their role for a while now.

Bring back Commissioner Foley!!!