WWE Night of Champions 2012: CM Punk vs. John Cena Could Be Match of the Year

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2012

photo on Flickr from interbeat
photo on Flickr from interbeat

CM Punk’s upcoming WWE title defense against John Cena could be the match of 2012.

This is a huge claim, considering the many matches already in contention for the match of the year. Punk’s match with Daniel Bryan at Over the Limit was a technical classic. Bryan also had a great, underrated match against Sheamus at Extreme Rules. Plus, the Undertaker and Triple H waged war at WrestleMania 28 in an emotional bout.

However, Cena and Punk can trump those matches come Night of Champions.

These two will battle once again for the title at Night of Champions, less than two weeks away. This time, the role of home field advantage goes to Cena, as the pay-per-view will be hosted in Boston.

The main reason is their chemistry. Both Cena and Punk bring out the best in each other. Just look at their infamous encounter at Money in the Bank. There we witnessed Cena use many wrestling maneuvers, more than just his “five moves of doom.”

That match also signified Punk’s ability to thrive in the main event. Their feud would not end on that night, however, it sparked an immediate rematch to unify the WWE titles at Summerslam.  

It was another thrilling contest between the two, with the added bonus of Triple H as the special guest referee. The most intriguing fact is both matches ended in controversy.

At Money in the Bank, Cena decked Laurinaitis and yelled at Vince McMahon at ringside before being caught with the Go To Sleep. The finish at Summerslam saw Cena being caught with the GTS for the second time that night, and Triple H not seeing Cena’s foot on the ropes.

This raises the question. Will history repeat itself or will we see a clean finish this time around?

In my opinion, a clean finish needs to happen. No more interference, no more controversy. Let’s see who is the better man.

If the finish is clean and there's good match quality, those alone should top their prior encounters. It will answer once and for all who the better man is.

Yes, Punk has the advantage because of history and the assortment of wrestling skills on display. Wouldn’t everyone like to see Punk go clean over Cena, or vice versa? It’s unlikely a clean finish will happen but it would be great to see.

Now what would it mean for either man to win?

If Punk wins, fans will see his reign as credible!  Punk’s ten-month reign may go down as one of the best WWE Title reigns in history. It should already be in discussion considering the many wrestlers he’s defeated.

If Cena wins, it put him back on the top as a champion. Even though he’s main-evented since the Elimination Chamber PPV, he would love it more if he were champion.

As the days get closer to their long-awaited match, many are pondering who will win this epic encounter.

This bout does have the potential to be THE MATCH of 2012. In Cena’s hometown for Punk’s WWE Title, expect fireworks in Boston.