Oakland Athletics Are Having Their Very Own Brand of Summer Slam

Christopher Benvie@CSBenvie81Correspondent IISeptember 3, 2012

Photo Credit: HallofVeryGood.com
Photo Credit: HallofVeryGood.com

The Oakland Athletics go into action today with a 76-51 record, identical to that of the New York Yankees.

The A's sit a mere three games behind the Texas Rangers in the American League West and are the proud owners of the first wild card slot in the American League. They are 9-1 in their last 10 games and that nine comes in the form of a nine-game winning streak.

To say that the A's are red-hot is an understatement.

Not a single member of the team has a batting average over .300 (though rookie Yoenis Cespedes is the closest at .297), and there is no 15-game winner among their starting pitching staff either.

What the Oakland Athletics are doing this season is truly something special. They are winning as a team. They are balanced, young and hungry.

The team's leading power hitter comes in the unlikely form of Josh Reddick, a player traded away from Boston fearing he would never find his power stroke.

Looks like that backfired, no?

Reddick has blasted 28 home runs while driving in 74 RBI to lead the team. In just the span of one year, he has gone from relative anonymity to being a marquee player for the A's.

Reddick also leads the team with 25 doubles while adding five triples. That means extra base hits account for 58 of his team-leading 129.

In terms of the pitching staff, as mentioned before, there is not a single 15-game winner here. However, what the A's have is an incredibly balanced rotation.

Tommy Milone is 11-9. Bartolo (I took some drugs) Colon had a 10-9 record before having his suspension being handed down. Jarrod Parker is 9-7 while Brandon McCarthy is 8-7.

Countless teams in baseball would kill for that type of production from their rotation.

The bullpen has been an incredible asset for the A's as well this season, getting 16 wins from the likes of Grant Balfour (2), Ryan Cook (6), Jerry Blevins (4) and Jordan Nerberto (4) to name a few.

The team's 3.41 ERA is good enough for third in all of Major League Baseball. Perplexedly, the team has a .237 batting average—the second worst in baseball.

They aren't doing it pretty, but these Oakland A's have gone 39-15 since July 1st, proving to be one of the hottest teams in all of baseball.

Lord knows, at this pace, Josh Reddick may have to share his championship belt with the rest of the team.