Scare Tactics: Reasons Why WWE Needs to Resurrect the Monster Heel

Alex NewellContributor IISeptember 18, 2012

With the countless posts of nostalgia you often see regarding the long-gone "Attitude" Era, one major component of the current time period that often receives little discussion is the absence of monster heels in WWE programming.

Revisiting the days of The Undertaker and his "Ministry of Darkness," what seems to be one major missing factor in the ring today is the added drama a similar kind of villain could offer.

Immediately, when we think of reverting back to WWE's old-school methods of blood, weapons and suggestive language, we very rarely call attention to those not being the only methods of entertainment that the company sought after. 


Everyone Is So...Normal

The WWE locker room is filled with nothing but generic characters.

Yes, this also includes the likes of Brodus Clay and even Tensai. Though these characters offer colorful diversity in the ring, there still exists very little "strange power" that would create a dynamic storyline that will compel the WWE Universe to evoke any emotion.

The Undertaker is the blueprint, specifically for this topic.

The mysteriousness behind the "Deadman" persona, established in his debut and carried on through into the prime of his career, is what has awarded The Undertaker the legacy he has earned.

The character and every angle built around it is what has made him the legend that is greeted with the loudest pops ever heard in a PG audience, no matter what the occasion.

It is also very clear how important keeping that monster image is. For instance, take a look at Kane.

Forming the duo of Kane and Daniel Bryan was a smart idea, considering how vested the fans are in their storyline, thus making this Tag Team Championship reign a memorable and valued one.

However, this pairing of Bryan and Kane has copious traces of Kane and X-Pac (circa 1999) written all over it.

And Kane has to absolutely stop hugging people.

Kane's image is far different now from what we were introduced to. Over the past decade, we have been force-fed a concept that Kane has "softness" of some sort, which has chipped away at his "monster" status (such as it is).


WWE's Obsession with Social Media

We watch Raw and Smackdown every week and are greeted with numerous announcements of all the updates on Twitter, Tout and Facebook from the WWE Superstars.

They mean well, and it is a wonderful marketing tool for the company.

However, monsters don't tweet and Tout.

This is where I took some issue with Kharma. Taking her personal situation into consideration (along with allowing her to break kayfabe), the need to utilize Twitter as the platform for her arrival and return was pivotal.

Unfortunately, her use of Twitter is also how the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) managed to break the news of her release from WWE long before the company could make the official statement.

Ideally, wrestlers are human—I get it.

Much like with most of everything on the Internet and how it has now played its role in professional wrestling promotions, we (the fans) know far too much.

But for characters such as Kharma, who had (and still has) all the potential to be one of the biggest powerhouses in WWE history, creating for her character a sense of mystery is highly necessary, especially if they ever plan to bring her back.

WWE would greatly benefit from creating a character that can a build new sensation and break new ground as a monster heel.

We need mystery, drama, power and, most importantly, we need a story.

No, it does not have to be an Undertaker-repeat. It will be too obvious and those shoes are far too large for anyone following to fill. Kane has reached a point where his character displays the "vulnerability" that exists in the beast, so who do we have left?

I will spare you the headache: no one. Not even Ryback.

Is there anyone you could see pulling off a monster heel role on the present roster? What kind of character can you come up with? Attack the comments section and let me know what you think.