Paolo Di Canio Hauls off Keeper After 21 Minutes, Rants About Him on TV (Video)

Michael CummingsWorld Football Lead WriterSeptember 3, 2012

One can never have too much Paolo Di Canio in one's life.

Whether it's the fascist salutes—hey, he's a fascist, not a racist, guys!—or the sublime skills or the generally insane behavior, PDC always has something entertaining to offer.

Today, we bring you an example of the third category. It serves as the Set Piece video of the day, and you're welcome in advance.

Di Canio, the 44-year-old retired striker, is these days the manager of Swindon Town, and on Sunday, his team lost 4-1 to Preston North End in League One play. It wasn't pretty, but Di Canio's reaction afterward was brilliant.

Early in the match, Di Canio subbed out his keeper after the keeper had made an error that led to Preston's first goal. After being subbed out so early in the match, the keeper kicked a water bottle and threw a tantrum on the sideline.

After the match, the little fascist got his revenge. It was priceless.

Above, you can view video from Sky Sports' coverage of the match. Watch the whole video to get the full effect. Below, I've transcribed some of the choicest portions:

It is our view that, if he doesn’t say sorry to everybody, he’s out. He’s out. He’s out. It has to come from his heart, you have to really believe because you have to convince the people that he make an apologize (sic). In my regime, we work in this way.

And later, Di Canio adds: "League One?! League One?! Wes! Twenty-year-old. Are we crazy?"

That's not even the best. According to BBC Sport, Di Canio said, "He's the worst professional I've ever seen."

Nothing like a bit of footballing hyperbole to get the week started, eh?

[h/t Who Ate All the Pies]