5 Best Situational Lineups for the Golden State Warriors in 2012-13

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2012

5 Best Situational Lineups for the Golden State Warriors in 2012-13

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    The Golden State Warriors are going to feature their most balanced team in years. With a revamped roster they can feature many versatile lineups for whatever situation arises.

    Mark Jackson does indeed have the talent to work with. Now it's up to him to manage his roster to give the Warriros the best chance to win each given night.

    With elite shooters, strong rebounders and finally someone who the Warriors can call a true center, here is what Golden State's lineups will look like next season.  

Big Lineup

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    PG – Klay Thompson

    SG – Harrison Barnes

    SF – Carl Landry

    PF – David Lee

    C – Andrew Bogut

    This doesn’t look like your typical Warriors lineup.

    That’s a good thing by the way.

    Klay Thompson’s ball-handling and playmaking ability allow the Warriors to feature a big lineup.

    Harrison Barnes' shooting ability allows to him to play the 2-guard giving the Dubs tremendous size in the backcourt. Carl Landry and David Lee will provide plenty of offense while relying on Bogut to control the paint defensively.

    Bogut will be the most important player the Warriors have this season. His presence will allow the Warriors to feature many lineups while they rely on him to anchor the defense.

Small-Ball Lineup

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    PG – Jarret Jack

    SG – Stephen Curry

    SF – Brandon Rush

    PF – Draymond Green 

    C – David Lee

    With this lineup the Warriors can get back to their Nellieball roots.

    They may not be able to get away with this lineup for extended periods of time, but they will be able to run with anyone.

    This lineup will feature just enough of a defensive presence in Jarrett Jack, Brandon Rush and Draymond Green to be effective.

    Rush will be able to match up against the opponents' top perimeter player, and Green is physical enough to guard almost anyone in the post.

    Jack and Curry will form a lighting-quick backcourt, and Rush and Green’s lack of size will be made up with their ability to fly down the court. Lee can get up and down the floor well, too. After all, that is why he was so appealing to Golden State in the first place.

    Lee's rebounding ability will allow this team to wear out whoever the opposing team has on the floor. 

Defensive Lineup

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    PG – Jarret Jack

    SG – Brandon Rush

    SF – Draymond Green

    PF – Festus Ezeli

    C – Andrew Bogut

    For the first time in years the Warriors can feature a lineup where everyone on the floor will be able to play tough defense.

    Jack was acquired to be a great defensive complement to Curry. Rush will be able to provide sufficient offense. This lineup will allow Green to showcase his offensive skills.

    Green is versatile enough to play both forward spots this year. He will be able to contain most small forwards as long as the Warriors have Ezeli and Bogut down low.

    Ezeli and Bogut won’t be the quickest tandem in the NBA, but will be able to swat down anything that comes near them.

3-Point Shooting Lineup

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    PG – Stephen Curry

    SG – Klay Thompson

    SF – Brandon Rush

    PF – Harrison Barnes

    C – Andrew Bogut

    Three-point shooting will be one of the Warriors biggest strengths this season.

    Curry, Thompson and Barnes are all elite shooters. Rush, coming off the bench, shot 45 percent from three-point range last season.

    With all the shooters the Warriors have in this lineup, no one will have a problem getting an open look.

    Bogut will allow the Warriors to garner more offensive rebounds this season. Because the perimeter is loaded with gunners, Bogut will have plenty of space in the post to prey on weaker defensive opponents.

    He will have his work cut out for him defensively. It is more glaring here than with any other lineup. Barnes is long enough to defend weaker 4s, but Bogut will have to offer weak-side help frequently.

Preserving a Win

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    PG – Stephen Curry

    SG – Klay Thompson

    SF – Harrison Barnes

    PF – David Lee

    C – Andrew Bogut

    The biggest problem the Warriors have had is preserving wins. Well that and just plain winning.

    This lineup will be balanced and look exactly like the Warriors' starting lineup with Rush and Barnes being interchangeable.

    The Warriors have the shooting, defense and rebounding to preserve any win.

    The most important feature of this lineup is free-throw shooting. The Warriors have four players who can knock down charity shots, which is crucial if they want to win close games.

    They have to make sure Bogut doesn’t get his hands on the ball late in the game. He is a 57-percent career free-throw shooter.

    They are going to need his presence as the game gets more physical in the waning minutes. His defense and rebounding ability will be too valuable to go without.