WWE Night of Champions: Ranking the Worst Matches Ever at the PPV Event

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Featured Columnist IVSeptember 2, 2012

WWE Night of Champions: Ranking the Worst Matches Ever at the PPV Event

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    In five years, WWE Night of Champions has been a memorable event with some memorable matchups. In 2008, Triple H and John Cena competed in a classic for the WWE Championship, and in 2010, Randy Orton survived a 6-pack challenge in Rosemont, Ill. to capture that same title.

    However, the event has also had its share of duds, which will appear momentarily. While only three matches are confirmed for this year's event from Boston, hopefully none of the matches at this year's show fall into this category.

6. The Big Show vs. CM Punk (2010)

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    The Big Show had been in a rivalry with CM Punk and his "Straightedge Society" for some time, but this match wasn't for a title, so it really didn't need to be on the card.

    Aside from that, the match lasted just over four minutes, making it even more unnecessary. Despite neither wrestler being a title holder, WWE apparently felt that their names were too big to leave off the event, but it didn't add much to the show.

    As for the result, Big Show knocked Punk out with the big right hand for the win.

5. Santino Marella vs. Umaga (2007)

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    About two-and-a-half months after the "Miracle in Milan" saw Santino Marella, an unknown superstar at the time, shock the world and win the Intercontinental title over Umaga, the rematch was signed.

    On paper, this was a very interesting match with the biggest question being, could Santino beat Umaga without help? After all, it was Bobby Lashley who pretty much won the title for him in the first place.

    Keep in mind that this was also before WWE turned Santino into the utter fool he is today.

    Instead, fans didn't get much of a match but more of a savage beatdown from the "Samoan Bulldozer," who got himself disqualified in the process.

4. Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes vs. Hardcore Holly (2008)

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    In 2008, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly were turning into a very solid tag team. Then came the challenge of Ted Dibiase and his "mystery partner."

    The match itself wasn't much of a match at all, as Dibiase kicked things off by announcing that his partner had sent him a text message claiming he'd be late. Due to this, Dibiase was willing to take both men on himself.

    As he tangled with Holly, Rhodes attacked his own partner, leading to a quick finish as Rhodes was revealed as the mystery man.

    Aside from the match being extremely short, it was also painfully predicable.

Candice Michelle vs. Melina (2007)

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    In 2007, the WWE seemed to put together a new initiative to turn Candice Michelle into the next Trish Stratus, and that started with her win in this match over Melina.

    It was another quick match with a very abrupt ending. Candice displayed a genuinely happy reaction after winning the title, which was nice to see, but she never made a believable champion and never even came close to matching the accolades of Trish.

2. Deuce N Domino vs. Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy Snuka (2007)

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    How bad has the WWE Tag Team division become? Well, it was better five years ago than it is now and we were still subjected to this match.

    While the match had plenty of nostalgia, the champions were defending the titles against, at the time, a 64-year-old Snuka and a nearly 59-year-old Slaughter.

    Now, there is no doubt that "Superfly" and Slaughter are two of the biggest names the WWE has ever seen, but this match was just ridiculous.

    The ending of the match saw Snuka go for a crossbody off the top rope, only to have Deuce, who was also his adopted son, roll through it and pin him. After the match, the champions tried to attack the men they just beat when two more legends, Tony Garea and Rick Martel, came from the crowd and fended them off.

1. The Miz and John Morrison vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle (2008)

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    You know anything involving Hornswoggle has to top the list of the worst. Once again, instead of putting a legitimate tag team in the title match, WWE opted to go with the team of Finlay and Hornswoggle.

    Finlay is obviously a great worker, but having a little leprechaun as his partner was just a disgrace.

    The only good thing about this match was the fact that the titles didn't change hands, as Miz and Morrison retained the belts after Morrison flung Hornswoggle off the top rope and covered him for the pin.