Feather Weight Slug Fest

TyContributor IMarch 1, 2009

This Featherweight Slug Fest - which lived up to it's name during every round - was just as intense as the previous match.

Chris John (42-0-2, 22 KO's) and Rocky Juarez (28-4-1, 20 KO's) squared off in a 12 round Featherweight Title fight.

They were pretty evenly matched except for a two inch height difference in favor of Chris John.

They both weighed in at 125 and a half pounds. 

In the first round, John slightly gained the edge throwing the cleaner punches.

Round two however was all Juarez even though he was warned to keep his punch's up.

In the third - without any real punching power - John outpunched Juarez winning that round.

In the fourth round, with the crowed chanting "Rocky, Rocky," Juarez hurt John with a left to the body and a flush straight right jab winning the fourth.

During the fifth round, Juarez again landed flush right hands before being cut over the eye by a right jab from John, yet still winning the round.

In the sixth round, John was effective with the jab, he threw his combinations in flurries and had out jabbed Juarez 134-87 winning the round.

Rounds seven through ten saw John throwing over 100 punches; winning those rounds.

The eleventh round was when Juarez seemed to come on strong. Sensing urgency, he began to attack the body of John and hurt him in the process, winning the round.

Juarez was the harder puncher throughout the fight; he also had the support of the crowd as they chanted his name "Rocky! Rocky!"

This inspired the crowd favorite and hometown boxer came to life.

In the twelve and final round Juarez roared back landing body shots, lefts, rights hurting John and almost pulling a knock out.

In the end, however, the judges scored it 114-114; a draw. I very much agree with the judges and had the fight scored the same.

This is the type of fight that screams rematch and promises more drama.

I also believe that a harder hitting, more seasoned fighter would be too much for Chris John - the WBA Featherweight Champion - and that he'd better look into a rematch with Juarez before moving on.


                                       Jontre Goodman