A-Rod's Confession: All True, Partially True, or Not True at All?

Torey ZiskaCorrespondent IIMarch 1, 2009


Unless you have been living in a hole somewhere on Mars or in some other far away galaxy, you have heard the reports that baseball star Alex Rodriguez took steroids, as well as the interviews with Rodriguez, admitting his fault.


Though Rodriguez did the right thing in admitting his wrongdoing, how much of what he said can we really believe?


I have always respected Rodriguez as a baseball player, and still do, but I admit that I was a little bit surprised that he too had taken the fall. With that said, something tells me we don’t know all the facts as they pertain to A-Rod.


Something just keeps nagging at me, like a gut feeling telling me something sounds fishy. The whole process of him admitting to everything went too smoothly.


Despite taking performance-enhancing drugs, A-Rod is no dummy. I believe he realized that if he got in front of everyone, admitted to taking a banned substance and gave details about what he took, how often he took it and things of that nature, that he felt the media and fans would be able to forgive him and not look at him in a way many look at Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens.


By admitting his use of Primabolan, saying how often he took it, and the years in which he took it, it gives off the impression that he truly feels bad for what he did, and is willing to be completely truthful.


However, and I hope my gut feelings are not accurate, I believe it is very possible that A-Rod decided that if he could admit more than any of his predecessors, if he could get people to believe that what he said was the absolute truth, that he would be able to hide additional information.


For example, by saying he took steroids during his Texas Rangers days, but quit during spring training of 2003 season, it sounds as if he is being completely truthful about his use, when in actuality maybe he continued using for another two, three, four years or more.


Or perhaps, by admitting his use of Primabolan, he was covering up use of other drugs or even Human Growth Hormone (HGH).


All we know for sure is that Rodriguez has used a performance-enhancing drug, and we must take his word about all the details that go along with it.


If he has been completely truthful about everything, and isn’t hiding anything, I believe Rodriguez will continue his illustrious career and be a first ballot Hall of Famer.


However, if anything at all comes out from now until Rodriguez is up for election to the Hall, that contradicts anything he said or shows even more steroid use, his career numbers will be marked with numerous asterisks, and his Hall of Fame chances will be as small as his…Well, you get the point.


So Alex Rodriguez, I speak for millions of baseball fans world-wide, I hope what you told us was 100 percent truthful, because if it wasn’t, baseball’s steroid era may never end.