Floyd Mayweather: Alabama-Michigan Bet Shows Money Is Smartest Athlete in Sports

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 05:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. reacts after the end of the 12th round against Miguel Cotto during their WBA super welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 5, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

If you needed proof that Floyd Mayweather is the smartest and most careful athlete in all of sports right now, if not of all time, look no further than what he was able to pocket just because Alabama defeated Michigan in a college football game on Saturday night. 

Before we get to the winnings, there has been some confusion over who exactly Mayweather bet on in this game. 

There was a report from Sportsbook (via Twitter) that Mayweather placed $3 million on Michigan to cover the 14-point spread in the game. 

Reports that Floyd Mayweather has put $3m on Michigan at +14, but 69% of our bettors are on 'Bama bit.ly/aHlqEJ

— Sportsbook (@Sportsbook_com) August 30, 2012

However, Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports wrote that the story was not true, so no one really knew what to make of the situation. 

That Mayweather bet story was almost certainly a plant @chaztopher and is far from confirmed. Far from it, actually

— Kevin Iole (@KevinI) August 31, 2012

Now, with the game firmly behind us, Terez Owens is reporting that Mayweather actually won $3 million from Alabama's victory. 

If Mayweather did, in fact, win this money, it is just another sign that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants because it will all work out for him in the end. 

Everyone wants to see Mayweather fight Manny Pacquiao, but it is because of Mayweather's unblemished boxing record and shrewd financial moves—like making massive bets on college football games—that it doesn't have to happen. 

Mayweather is always going to have money out there to find because people are always going to pay to see him. He has done far more than just become one of the greatest boxers of this generation over the course of 43 fights. 

Mayweather is a brand that everyone has to see. He says and does things that fascinate people to the point where they are willing to pay money and give their time to see it. Even if it is something that makes no sense, like placing a massive bet on a college football game, you are going to pay attention. 

Boxers have to be incredibly smart because they are on an island. No one else is going to take care of them, so it is on them to do what is necessary. Mayweather continues to show his brain, as well as incredible financial brawn, in order to keep us fascinated by his every little move.