WWE Night of Champions: Will This Be the End of the Sheamus vs Del Rio Feud?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured Columnist IVJune 3, 2015

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship is one of the main events at Night of Champions. Hopefully it will be the last match between the two for a long time.

Sheamus and Del Rio have faced off so many times in 2012 that I am starting to wonder if Mexico declared war on Ireland and I just missed a news cycle announcing it.

They faced off in a Fatal 4-Way at Over the Limit, singles matches at Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, and we have seen them lock horns on Raw and SmackDown more times than JR eats BBQ in a month. Or not—I don't know his eating habits.

These two international superstars have put on some good matches and had some interesting encounters involving cars, but SmackDown's lack of main-event players is obvious by how often these two fight each other.

Orton is going to film a movie soon and Christian is clearly not being looked at as a main-event player right now judging by how he is being booked.

The Sheamus/Del Rio feud is becoming stale to say the least, but there is one man who could help turn things around on SmackDown.

Wade Barrett is set to return to WWE television soon. What better way to bring him back than to have him make some kind of impact at Night of Champions?

A brutal attack following a win by Sheamus would set up a Barrett/Sheamus feud right away and save us all from Del Rio and Sheamus going at it again next month at a PPV.

Barrett has been airing video packages that highlight his bare-knuckle style of fighting in a very entertaining and engaging way.

Other than the mysterious videos we have seen for Undertaker and Y2J in recent years, I cannot remember enjoying return video packages as much as Barrett's.

Before he was sidelined with an injury, Barrett was quickly rising up the ranks on SmackDown through a feud with Randy Orton, which saw both men trading wins and losses.

With Randy Orton's film schedule, it is unlikely that we will see him enter into any kind of long-term feud until he returns following the wrapping of the film.

This leaves Wade Barrett a much greater opportunity to show the world why he deserves to be World Champion.

Sheamus and Barrett have not had a major feud in WWE, which is something you don't see among the company's top stars too often.

In most cases, we see feuds being picked back up after some time off, but rarely do we see a brand new feud begin in the main-event scene—and that could be exactly what WWE needs right now.

Sheamus and Barrett have had some encounters, but nothing on the same scale as we usually see between rivals, especially over a World Title.

Sheamus has proven himself to be a good baby-face for the company, and Barrett has proved just as well that he can be a major heel. 

NOC is just over two weeks away, and that gives Barrett a great window of opportunity to make his return on a grand stage—rather than on SmackDown or Raw, where it will garner less attention.

Barrett is the next big thing in WWE—he just needs that one big moment to push him to the top.