Dustin Pedroia and Alfredo Aceves Erupt in Heated Argument in Red Sox Dugout

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2012

Courtesy of Comcast SportsNet New England
Courtesy of Comcast SportsNet New England

Just when you think you have seen all there is, the Boston Red Sox's season keeps spiraling further down the rabbit hole. The latest incident came on Saturday night, with Dustin Pedroia and Alfredo Aceves reportedly getting into it in the dugout between innings. 

According to Alex Speier of WEEI, the incident could have been spurred on by a few pickoff attempts from Aceves trying to get Coco Crisp off second base:

...after the inning, cameras caught Aceves and Dustin Pedroia involved in a shouting match in the dugout in which third base coach Jerry Royster interceded, perhaps related to a couple of pickoff attempts that Aceves made on Coco Crisp at second base.

After the game, unsurprisingly, Pedroia and Aceves weren't talking about the incident. Speier's report quotes Pedroia as saying it's "between teammates," with Aceves echoing those sentiments. 

However, manager Bobby Valentine, who is not known for biting his tongue, had an interesting quote after the game, saying: "That's just Alfredo being Alfredo and Dustin being a baseball player."

It's no secret that Aceves and Valentine have had their issues, with Aceves being suspended for three games for conduct detrimental to the team. 

While there are going to be many decisions made with the Red Sox after the season, Aceves is doing his best to be on the market this offseason. He is arbitration eligible, but it would be a surprise for the team to bring him back. 

Perhaps there is more to the story that will come out, but Pedroia has put himself out on numerous occasions for the Red Sox when he feels that it is warranted. He is not going to show someone up just to get his name out there. 

There is still a month left to go this season, so who knows what magical wonders will come out of Boston next.