How Low Can The Knicks Finish in 2009!!

James DolanContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

Looking at the present standings, and Coach D'Antoni's desire to put a different starting lineup on the court every game from know until the end of the year, I think there is a good chance the Knicks can finish in the bottom 8 teams in the league and get that last young piece that they need before using their cap space in the summer of 2010.

Many people are ignoring the fact that the knicks won't have a #1 pick in 2010 due to the last painful aspect of the Marbury era.  With that in mind, and the fact that only 4 players on their present roster are likely to be part of their future, It seems clear that this next draft is a big one in NY, and should misfortune lead them to a loosing streak to end the season, or just more choke jobs like tonights loss to the heat, maybe the knicks can get another big piece of their future.

A loosing steak would ensure that the Bobcats, Pacers, Bulls, Raptors, and Nets would all finish ahead of the Knicks, leaving them the 2nd worse team in the east!  (Note: The west may seem to have the best teams, but they do have a lot of really bad teams too!)

In the West, I would hope the Warriors would win a few more games now that they are healthy, though it seems that Don Nelson is going to start tanking games right away by benching Jamal Crawford.  I would also expect a healthy clipper team to win some games, but them making up 9 games on the knicks isn't very likely.

So with a little luck, the Knicks can finish in the bottom 8 teams, and have a decent chance at a top 5 spot in the lottery.  Of course, what will the knicks do with that.  Will they gamble?  Will they combine a Galinari with that #5 or 6 pick to move up to #1, will they move David Lee straight up for the #1 pick in this draft?

Funny that the Knicks are so worried about trying to get in the playoffs this year to gain experience, when the guys getting the experience might not be here, or play in the playoffs.  Chandler just got benched, and Galinari is getting one run a night tops, meanwhile Lee continues to play out of position at the 5, not really gaining the experience that he needs as a future 4.  Why the knicks don't tank the rest of this season, I have no idea..  of course, maybe they are!!