Dear New York Jets, Please Trade For Jay Cutler!

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

The New York Jets are in need of a quarterback. We have some who have potential, but we need someone solid, who already proved himself if the Jets want a good season.

This quarterback could be Jay Cutler.

On Saturday, ESPN reported that Josh McDaniels, Denver Broncos new head coach, was trying to trade Cutler to the Patriots for Matt Cassell—officially putting Cutler on the trading block pretty much.

This is pretty much a calling for the Jets that Cutler could be our man for the future.

Cutler is a tremendous quarterback at a very young age. He is only 25, but has already been selected to the Pro Bowl.

Let's look at some stats this year by Cutler to prove that he is amazing:

He was third in the league in passing yards, with roughly 4,500—again, he is only 25.

He was top 10 in passing touchdowns with 25.

Cutler has the ability to make any throw, and he has a rocket arm. The Jets desperately need a quarterback who could spread the field.

Don't get me wrong, Kellen Clemens does have a great ability to spread the field and has a good arm, but you just don't know how he is going to do. (And I don't think the Jets want another 2007 on there hands.)

But with Cutler, you're getting a guy the same age as Clemens. A guy who has three solid years under his belt—unlike Clemens—and a guy you could build your franchise around.

With Clemens? It's up in the air.

As far as what would the Jets offer to get Cutler, I don't know.

But certainly I do not care, as long as he is taking snaps behind Nick Mangold next season. I wouldn't even care if we traded every pick we had in this draft.

But it would probably take a first and second round pick to get this amazing quarterback.

So please Jets, do anything...ANYTHING, to get Cutler in the green and white.