Somebody's Gotta Say It: Brian Waters, Listen Up

Mike SmithContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

Warning: I have a feeling I won't be in the majority on this opinion so please, friends and family and fans of Mr. Waters (among others) don't come hunting me down. Ok?

Now, on with the story.

I want to make it very clear that for a period of 30 seconds (give or take) I did feel bad for Brian Waters this week. It wasn't because he got scolded when asking out of Kansas City. It was because his headlines were dwarfed (and will stay that way) by the Mike Vrabel/Matt Cassel headlines that came the very next day(s).

There are enough people who will share their opinions on Cassel and Vrabel through the coming days, so I wanted to tackle something else, something that had me a little bit peeved this week.

We learned that the "emotional leader" and pro bowl guard for the Kansas City Chiefs wanted out of Kansas City, adding to the short list of veterans who also feel that way (Larry Johnson and depending on the week, Tony Gonzalez).

After making his feelings known, it was reported that Todd Haley scolded Waters and told him there would be no deals made.

So here is the dilemma: Fans of Waters will say he is getting screwed and that he gave himself to a losing team and he should be rewarded by being dealt to a contender.

I say bologna, and I'd say even worse to Larry Johnson (I'll probably have family read this, don't want to embarrass them).

Waters was apparently "shocked" at the audacity and "arrogance" of the new Chiefs leadership when they reacted to his request. Mr. Waters, I say the ones who should be shocked are the millions of us who've paid to watch athletes like you play every Sunday.

I say the only arrogance worth talking about is that of a player who takes his dissatisfaction public in hopes of humiliating an organization into getting his way. I mean seriously, is that supposed to work?

Does anyone else wish a call to the local newspaper every time your boss ticked you off would get your company moving at an accelerated pace to get you an equal position with one of their competitors? Has anyone tried that? Does it work? 

Mr. Waters, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Gonzalez (depending on the week) please don't get me wrong. As long as you are wearing red and gold, I will be your fan. I will cheer for you, buy your jerseys, and keep you well paid (at least in my xbox 360 franchise).

However, the very second you show the kind of arrogance Brian Waters showed this week respect flies out the window. I hope and pray that Pioli and Haley play hardball.

I hope that if these players continue to cry about their plight and high value trades cannot be made that Pioli and company will be more than willing to let them sit for a season (or two, or seven).

These players signed contracts. Having your overpaid agent run to the press because you looked at that contract and thought "oops" is just, well, it's crap.

Brian Waters, you are a Kansas City Chief. You may be more talented at your position than others, you may be a darling in the press, but you had better not forget that above all else you are privileged to play in the NFL, and you are privileged to wear the red and gold. 

Its time for professional athletes to live in a world that involves reality, and its time for fans to stop feeling sorry for the guy who may retire without a ring because some "has been" on the four letter network told us we should all feel that way.

I hope I'm not alone on this. I hope the age of entitlement has not permeated good old fashioned football fans through and through.

Then again, maybe I should hope I'm wrong. There was that one thing my boss said a couple weeks ago I didn't like. Better go see what time the newspaper opens in the morning.