The Bella Twins: What's The Point?

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

The Bella Twins first debuted as a solo act towards the end of August. Brie Bella was first to show up and constantly ran and hid under the ring after getting beaten down and would emerge refreshed and pick up a win.

After a few months, it was then revealed that Brie had a twin sister hiding underneath the ring. That was in November. Since then the Bella Twins have been in a few random tag team matches and six diva matches. Currently they are the objects of affection for the Colon Brothers and are the subject of an igniting feud between the Colons and Miz and Morrison.

But I still say, what's the point?

Beyond the Twins gimmick they lack any real excitement or interest. The two of them individually and combined are bland and generic. Their moves aren't interesting and are pretty weak. Watching two women get in one after the other and do the same weak monkeyflips and snapmeres has gotten stale and boring since their debuts. I'm sure the WWE thought the twin gimmick would get over, but it hasn't.

I think another reason for this, and I hate to say it this way, but they're not hot. The gimmick of "Hot Twins" is a great one, but these two don't fit the bill. Their look isn't interesting at all. Their attires aren't anything unique, and it only makes them stand out less.

Finally, it seems the WWE may be igniting a split, judging from the Twins' separate reactions to the fighting tag team champions. But what will that do? The two will feud with each other?

They should've been doing that from the beginning, as Brie has yet to actually win a match on her own. Funny that no one comments that these two are undefeated. Why isn't it? No one cares.

So they split and we have two more generic divas who happen to look alike; one face and one heel.

It's funny and sad that Cherry was let go—really for these two. She was far more interesting looks wise and story wise, and she was more over with the fans than anyone else on the show. Now we're stuck with these two.

I still don't know which is which, and frankly, I don't care.