WWE: Outside Tag Teams That Could Help Save Company's Floundering Division

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 31, 2012

Photo courtesy of Fanpix.net
Photo courtesy of Fanpix.net

To say that the WWE's tag-team division is underwhelming would be the understatement of the year. The random team of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth currently holds the titles and of the four teams vying against them for the straps currently, none of them are legitimate contenders.

It seems like the writers are trying to do something with the division ahead of Night of Champions with the Prime Time Players, Primo and Epico, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd and The Usos trying to get involved in the title picture. The fact of the matter is that the fans don't care, though, because they don't connect with any of those teams.

The WWE could still have a solid tag division if it were to commit to one, but it would probably take some outside help. With that in mind, here are three teams that the WWE could potentially bring in to spark its barren tag-team scene.



Dudley Boyz

Bully Ray has blossomed as a singles competitor and Devon is the Television Champion in TNA, but it seems as though they may each be heading for greener pastures in the near future. According to ProWrestling.net, their contracts are set to expire at the same time and Devon has already announced that he won't be back with the company. There is no word on Bully Ray yet, but indications are that he hasn't re-signed.

If Bully Ray joins Devon and does in fact leave TNA, then returning to the WWE could be a real possibility. If both of them want to remain relevant, then WWE is the only real option. They could go to ROH or other independent promotions such as Extreme Rising, but they aren't going to receive much exposure if they do. Going back to Japan is also a possibility, but I'm not sure how much they enjoyed their time there.

The Dudleys had a fantastic six-year run in WWE as a team and even as individuals. So if the money is right, I believe they would jump ship. The only thing that could stop a Dudley reunion is the fact that Bully Ray has made a lot of headway as an individual, but they might enjoy the challenge of helping to rebuild the WWE's tag division. Hopefully that is the case and Team 3D reigns supreme once again in the WWE.



Briscoe Brothers

With tag-team divisions failing in the WWE, TNA, and many other promotions across the United States, there honestly aren't many legitimate teams that are still together. Because of that the Briscoe Brothers, Jay and Mark, are head and shoulders above anyone else. The Briscoes have worked almost exclusively for Ring of Honor since its inception in 2002 and may very well be the best team in the company's history with seven Tag Team Championship reigns.

It's rare that a team lasts as long as the Briscoes have in this day and age, but they have persevered and are the true definition of a tag team. I wouldn't say that the Briscoes are well known by casual wrestling fans, but the diehards are the ones who generally want a better tag division anyway, so signing them would be a great move by WWE.

They have a great Southern gimmick, are solid in the ring and can both cut promos, which isn't something you often see with tag-team wrestling. I feel like most fans are tired of the WWE randomly pairing two guys together and calling it a tag team, so going out and getting an established, legitimate team would make a ton of sense.



New Age Outlaws

They may be 48 and 43 years of age respectively, but Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg are considered by many to be one of the best tag teams in WWE history. As the New Age Outlaws, Gunn and Road Dogg won the WWE Tag Team Championships on five occasions and were one of the most over teams ever. Not only could they both work in the ring, but their charisma and mic skills, particularly Road Dogg's, really helped the fans get behind them.

The New Age Outlaws made a one-night-only return on the 1,000th episode of RAW as they joined Shawn Michaels, Triple H and X-Pac in a D-Generation X reunion. It went over really well with the crowd and prompted some fans to wonder aloud whether one last run could be in the cards for the New Age Outlaws.

Road Dogg is already employed by the company and Gunn is obviously on good terms, and with Triple H running the show in terms of talent evaluation, I'm sure he could make it happen with the snap of his fingers. Road Dogg was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble and looked good, while Gunn appeared to be in excellent shape on RAW 1,000. Obviously they wouldn't be exactly the same as they were more than a decade ago, but the New Age Outlaws are a pairing that the fans connect with and they would definitely revitalize the WWE's tag division.


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