Is It Finally Time For The Eagles To Part With McNabb

Doug DonofrioCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2017

Is Donovan McNabb the greatest quarterback in Eagles history?

We could probably make a strong case for that question as being a yes. One of the highest winning percentages all-time of any quarterback either currently playing or not in the NFL certainly gives us every reason to believe Donovan can elevate his game and take Philadelphia to a world championship.

There will never be a stronger supporter than I of Donovan in his years here in Philadelphia. Donovan has overcome countless injuries to his ankle, knee, ribs, chest, and groin, as well as several long-standing negative media related episodes with Rush Limbaugh, and Terrell Owens; one could argue Donovan is made of copper wire rather than not.

As I look back and now forward, I realize as talented and resilient a football player Donovan is, this may be the time to part with him. I say this with an eye and vision ahead to win a Superbowl or two.

Does this mean Donovan will never win a Superbowl in his career? No, it does not mean that, but it may mean not here in Philadelphia.

There are certain behaviors championship quarterbacks display; quite frankly I am not certain Donovan has acquired and or nurtured those critical intangibles at this point to lead Philadelphia on and ultimately win a world championship.

Would I like to believe that he can? Absolutely. Would I like to believe he has the innate and learned personality traits to lead a group of men to glory? Absolutely.

As it stands right now I just cannot believe this to be the case. I do not see that self sacrificing mentality present to elevate not only himself but his teammates to higher levels of performance, whereby they totally and unconditionally trust and respect him to the point of creating a strong collective unity.

Picking up the phone on the Giants sideline, moon-walking to the beat of Michael Jackson's thriller when a touchdown is made, thumping of one's chest with a forceful fist, a lack of focus and energy at times on the field, and on the sideline, a cavalier attitude to what is most important; questions surrounding his fitness levels, and occasional lapses of selfishness are quintessential reservations that I have at this time.

Do I believe Donovan is a good quarterback? What is relative in the eyes of a good quarterback? Is a good quarterback measured by his regular season winning percentage? Is a good quarterback measured by the number of playoff games he wins?

Is a good quarterback measured by the number of Superbowl appearances? Is a good quarterback measured by the number of Superbowl games he does win? Is a good quarterback measured by the number of jersey's he sells?

Is a good quarterback measured by the amount of his signing bonus and contract? Is a good quarterback measured by his completion percentage and turnover ratio?

You see I can state it any way I wish. The bottom line sometimes makes it all immaterial.

What is the bottom line? I leave that for you Philadelphia to answer.