Bleacher Report Leaves No Life Untouched

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IFebruary 28, 2009

In this complex world of increasing difficulties and frustrations, it's evident that everyone seems to be very busy with his/her own life and that taking a break from one's usual stressful work is a mortal sin.

In spite of it, we still find time to write here at Bleacher Report. There's that one common denominator with us all and that's our love for sports.

Perhaps that love leads us into squinching our faces into horrible grimaces (that is after our team's victory) when we believe no one is watching or less insane that love for sports leads us into grabbing the pen and passionately writing our own "sports articles" so to speak.

I don't know about horrible grimaces, I might as well talk about grabbing the pen.

To start it off, it was at the latter part of December 2008 when I first took a glimpse of this so-called "open source sports network".

The tendency to register and join the madness was very strong, and I seemed to be hypnotized; after all admission is free.

So with no experience in technical and literary writing, much more in sports writing and only equipped with basic knowledge about nouns, pronouns, subjects, verbs and predicates.

I eventually became a writer here at this site. I was so naive that I forgot to put a picture in my first article (thanks to an editor who put an appropriate article photo) and I don't even know that POTD stands for Pick of the day, before my B/R days it was Picture of the day.

My first few articles showed lack of confidence and emphasis. My slideshows looked like it was pages taken from a kindergarten's scrap book but as I start to write more often it seemed that I improved a lot. I learned new things and I gained profound knowledge.

I'm not saying that I already had accomplished something here at B/R, hence it would be fair to everyone if I say that B/R had already accomplished something in me.

I remember someone commenting in one of my earlier works, saying we would like to look out on me and watch how I mature as a writer through B/R.

Right now, to say the least, I did not only mature as a writer but much more important through B/R, I mature as a person.

Never in my life had I the opportunity to work with accomplished professionals other than here.

I have nothing in my credentials that makes me stand out. I'm not paid to do radio shows, I do not cover sports events such as the Super Bowl or the All-Star Weekend, I do not conduct interviews with accomplished sports personalities, and I do not even own a degree in journalism.

But being around these guys gives me that extra motivation to work harder and to perfect the craft. (although I've learn from one of the articles here that "perfection is never complete")

So much true with everyone of us.

Above all, this site does not only molds the mind but most especially this site molds the soul. B/R does not only give our much needed education (sports information) but also gives way to human realization.

Prima facie evidence of which is a note posted in my bulletin board some weeks ago,

Great article Louie, The Cradles of Eminence in Sports

I have Cystic Fibrosis, and Bipolar Disorder. I am a real loser compared to the individuals you referred to in your article, but I do my best.

I need to work harder, but CF is a very costly disease. About $70K a year in medications. No cure in sight. This doesn't give me very many options.

I coach basketball to 1st-3rd grade Chinese kids, but after a brief game with the kids, I am gasping for air and reaching for my inhaler.

I think I have a very positive outlook, but I don't have talent like those great athletes you wrote about. No amount of training will make me an athlete.

I am sentimental and was touched after receiving the note from someone whom I don't even personally know.

Once there was someone who commented in one of my article..
 My Sports Hero: Not Kobe Bryant, Not LeBron James...Just My Uncle

She shared how she had surpass the hurdles on her way to reaching his dreams, how she didn't listen to the doubters and how she insist to go to UK to study, work and make something out of herself.

There's also someone who told me that he grew up without a father and how he can relate with the article.

There's also someone who commented about his brother who is an epileptic but still lives a normal life, taking care of his finances, having his own apartment, working and helping challenged people and how he is an inspiration.

I also learned in a comment in an article of mine that instead of bombs, soccer balls had already being bombarded at Iraq.  If Life Could Be Just Like Sports

There are passionate writers on this site who writes about the MVP of her life, about a friend who he looked up to and recently died and about her involvement in sports even without sports.

Those are just a few examples and I am pretty sure there are so many magnificent and inspiring stories still waiting to be unraveled here at B/R.

Some years ago, we're all just glued up watching the world wide leader in sports but today we are all "leader in sports" in each of our own rights.

B/R envisioned to be a site for sports anticipation but it achieved greater heights and is now a site for human anticipation.

As someone replied in my comment before, "Every human interaction is a part of the learning process."

That's the way it should be, that's the way at B/R.