Attention WWE: It's Time to Say Goodbye to Vickie Guerrero

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IFebruary 28, 2009

So...another week and another edition of SmackDown is in the books. As usual, we had to deal with the concept of Edge being Edge, and his "wife" saving him from the agony of defeat.

Despite some pretty great matches courtesy of some good booking, SmackDown was still a pretty decent show. But unfortunately, the show still has one specific problem on its hands: That problem is and has been for over a year Vickie Guerrero. And no matter what any of you say, Vickie is not thinking of the best interest of SmackDown.

The storyline involving Edge and Vickie has gone on for almost two years. Ever since the bombshell from Survivor Series involving Batista and The Undertaker, Edge and Vickie have kept their game faces on ever since. But the biggest issue has been the fact that both individuals have turned SmackDown into their own version of "As the World Turns."

Unfortunately, I have personally grown bored by the very sight of this woman.

A sufferer of Mad Fat Cow Disease, Guerrero has become the butt end of several jokes from Triple H and John Cena. As for Edge, he has done his part in playing the coward role that has become physically ill to watch.

SmackDown has gone through more GMs than I can count. It started with current-RAW GM, Stephanie McMahon, followed by Paul Heyman (whose final appearance as GM was a Tombstone Piledriver at the hands of the Phenom), Kurt Angle (who feigned a neck injury during his tenure as GM), Teddy Long (whose reign was cut short by a feign heart attack during his nuptials with former WWE Diva Krystal) and now, we have Vickie Guerrero.

It's become clear that Vickie Guerrero has done nothing more than throw down some pretty impressive matches during her most recent tenure. But going between the wheelchairs and the "EXCUSE ME!" comments, it's clear that the audience is losing touch with her role in the rivalries between Edge, Triple H, Undertaker & John Cena.

The biggest issue with her at this point was obviously the last two weeks of broadcast. Despite being the GM of SmackDown, she was allowed to make an executive decision for a different brand. This decision led to Edge walking in WWE Champion...and leave World Heavyweight Champion, a decision that the WWE Board of Directors upheld despite the brand issue.

Now I can understand shaking things up before the draft in April, but give me a break.

With Wrestlemania almost a month away, and no matches added to the card as of yet, it's time for the WWE to bring in a fresh face to SmackDown. This worked when Heyman was heading behind the scenes, and it can work now. With the obvious brand transfers of Triple H and John Cena on the horizon, it's clear that bringing in some fresh blood to run the brand will work to the WWE's advantage.

Besides, it can't be any worse than Mike Adamle as GM of RAW.

But who would step up and run the Anchor of WWE Programming? There are several names that come to mind. One of those names in mind is obviously McMahon. Either Vince would return to his original moniker of power, or Shane would finally become what he was meant to be: A General Manager.

But it is perfect timing for a change in scenery, and seeing as how Edge will most likely lose the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania to Cena, it's clear that that following SmackDown could possibly be her last.