Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions: Preseason Week 4 Live Score, Analysis

Dean HoldenAnalyst IAugust 30, 2012

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 01:  Zack Pianalto #87 of the Buffalo Bills is tackled after a catch by  Bobby Carpenter #59 of the Detroit Lions at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 1, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. Detroit won 16-6.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Get ready, because here comes the notorious fourth preseason game.

It's going to be an incredible contest full of ruthless men, doing whatever they can, wherever they can, to best one another. It's going to be a hard-fought contest full of elite-level play and...pffffft!

I was really trying to hype this one up, but I couldn't keep a straight face through it. But it's meaningless even if I had. Everyone already knows what this game is.

It's a game where the starters do a quick, half-hearted walkthrough for one series, the secure backups come in and do the same and the last 30-40 players on the roster fight tooth-and-nail to prove they're worth a roster spot.

In reality, the Lions and Bills aren't really playing each other tonight. That's not the real contest. The real game is the bottom halves of these two rosters trying to outplay the guys on their own team. The guys on the other side of the field are just a proxy to help make that point.

It may not be good football, but it does precede the cuts of about 22 players per team. So don't try telling those 22 guys that this game doesn't matter. This is the last game of football some of these players will ever play.

Of course, if you're not one of those guys, this game has limited entertainment value. But if you're a true football geek and simply can't wait for the regular season, here's what you need to know to watch the final game of the season in which the outcome is unimportant.


Buffalo Bills (0-3) at Detroit Lions (1-2)


Time: Thursday, August 30, 7 p.m. ET


Lions Networks

TV: WXYZ-TV ABC 7 (Detroit)

Radio: WXYT-FM (97.1)


Bills Networks

TV: WKBW Channel 7 (Buffalo), WHAM Channel 13 (Rochester), WTVH Channel 5 (Syracuse), WBNG Channel 12 (Binghamton)

Radio: WGR 550 AM


Final Score: Bills 32, Lions 38